Thursday, January 29, 2009


Somebody please help me please please please. :(
I have so many assignments to do I can't take it already. :O
Yes many assignments and I still have time for blogging. Shit. Must have been crazy already. My mom gave me another assignment anyway. Room cheating! Uh, room cleaning. The error explains how tired and crazy I must be; room cheating. Whoa.
I am a crazy shopaholic if you must know. I shop like a mad woman and I can still be a wonderful girlfriend to Jedsen. :)
Donated a bagful of clothes and jeans and minis if you must know. That shows my willingness to clean the wardrobe. I'm so desperate to fix things up I donated so many clothes. So many mini skirts gone. I think I've grown out of minis already. Still loving hotpants though. ;) Mini skirts are just; gone.
I thought of having a junk sale behind my house; cause that's what my friends and I use to do when we're in the USA. Anyway I don't see any of this in Malaysia, so I think better not. I'm scared the police might come instead and saman me. :/
Oh, and the picture above? Shows how much I donated. I know very black lah and it looks like very little clothes; but it's a lot. Wanted to use my Topshop plastic bags; but they're so pretty! :)
So yesterday I was bored. Dying AND bored. Was going through many blogs of people I don't know of; and saw this blog. Omg it's like a blog criticizing people; mainly girls. Bitches, as what they are called. :( Nabeh these people are just too free I think.
Full pictures of the girls some more! And details about them; bad bad details. Girls as young as 15 but don't look like one; losing their virginity at a young age to boys who are just asses. Losing your virginity to one person is easy; keeping it is a problem. I've had many friends who have lost theirs. I think the owner of that blog's talking shit outta her/his blog. I mean, these girls are pretty. No way they would. But it really reminds me of me and my friends. About losing it. And I almost lost mine. It was til the time I realise virginity's for one person and one person only; I stopped. I cannot tell you who I almost lost mine to, but Jedsen knows. And no, it wasn't Jedsen. Sorry baby.
I've had many friends who happily give away their virginity to the wrong boys; thinking it's cool. It's. Not. Many of them soon regret. Some felt cheap. Some feel like they want to commit suicide. Modern. Really. Not!
So anyway, to the person who created this blog; what goes around comes around. You should not be judging them; you should be looking at yourself first. :)
If I can choose what I want, I don't want to be like some people.
Being a wannabe isn't everything.
Trying to lose it to be cool and hotter among guys is not the thing;
making yourself cheaper and looked down upon IS the thing.
If you think it's fun, think again.
I've heard of many bad ones. :(

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy New Year!

I know I've been busy. Late updates sorry. :(
Happy Late New Year anyway. Time's crazy, boyfriend's busy too.
Had to head to the gym; only to get an emergency call from Gaik Ling telling me she's in need of something. Something. I need not write what that thing is, must I?
Being a friend as I was, I went to the pharmacy to get some. Yeah.
Jedsen's busy all the time; getting kind of bored here. :(
I miss him.