Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello, I Am Desperate

I love the song "If You Seek Amy" by Britney. Well. I was wondering what "If You Seek Amy" means. So, like a girl desperate to know a guy, I googled it. Ooooh. I like the results.
If You Seek Amy; to Americans (why wasn't I taught?!) means F-U-C-K me. :)
A pretty article came to the light too. Britney going on private sex sessions. I heard there's a fan crazy for her. Why not him, Britney?
I still love this song. But it makes me think of only one thing when I see Britney Spears in magazines. Desperate.
"All the boys and all the girls are begging to F-U-C-K me." ;)
I certainly know I am not one of the girls OR the boys.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love you Zac I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa go away!!!!!!!


"It seems all is not well in the popular 'High School Musical' stars' real-life love bubble. When Vanessa Hudgens heard news of her boyfriend's decision to steer clear of wedding bells until his 40th, she retalliated by saying that she wants to have the freedom to date other people. How will the tweens tally up their differences?"
I'm not kidding.
After having a talk with Jenssen (Omgggg we had a talk about HSM?!!!) he thinks I should be happy Zac Efron and Vanessa are together.He said many couples in Hollywood don't really last long and I should be happy for them.He actually feels for them!!!!!Ok I do too. Zac go back to Vanessa!!!!But don't forget me! ;)
More zomg!
"Vanessa Hudgens has told boyfriend Zac Efron she wants to date other men. The 20-year-old actress - who met her 21-year-old beau when they were both starring in 'High School Musical' - was reportedly livid after hearing Zac doesn't want to get married until he is 40, and decided to make him jealous by seeing other people."
No can? Even I would not date other men to make baby jealous. Vanessa are you out of your friggin mind? Dating other guys to make Zac JEALOUS?You think your so hot??!!! Why don't you wait til 40?I'm sure your still futile. :)
Whoa. Tania Ray being kind and thoughtful. The world is spinning.... ;)
Jenssen baby...come down to the chimney with me tonight! -Tania Ray.

Daily Mad.

Mad 10 of the week :
1. Tania is a lesbian. (HAHAHAHAH!) :D
2. Jenssen is gay. (Hahahahaaah! Mine funnier! :) )
3. Kay Lin is fat. She is getting fatter. (Omg fat? No. I want her body. She's not fat!!!!!)
4. Pigs have little wings. (Baby, I want a pig!)
5. Britney Spears.....shaved her head bald again! "Oh no no Britney!You can't be bald!!!That's fugly!!!!!"
6. Madonna's partner Jesus Luz dumps HER for Tania Ray!!!!!!!!! ;)
7. Zac Efron marries......Tania Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Zoey Matchallawatt has agreed that she, will not be a fan of Tania anymore......? :( Come on Zoey!
9. The grass in Jenssen's garden's in love with Jenssen! No!!!!You can't have grass as partners!!!!!
10. ......Tania is NOT pregnant. That's a true Mad 10. Stop looking at my tummy!I love Xiaxue's header. :)
Thanks you Cherilynn for letting me use your laptop. That does not guarantee you don't owe me RM50!!!!!
I never heard of Xiaxue, honestly. Don't shout, "Wtf???!You don't know Xiaxue?!!She's hot!!!!!!". Yea, someone I would look up to. She's the Singaporean version of Paris Hilton. :)
Ohhhs, and talking about someone telling me that she's hot. I've got something to repeat. To some guys out there; those horny ones : "You think with your penis."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Someone is really getting me on my nerves. You don't have to pretend to be my friend to know me better. You can just come up to me and go "I want to be your friend; but I hate you." Isn't that better?Calling me a man-eater, childish, a lesbian (just because I kissed a few girlfriends in photos does not make me one), a friggin' bitch,selfish, spoiled,....aren't you any of that?
You don't have to smile at me so sweetly, complimenting me saying I'm hot, pretty while behind me bitch the hell out of me. I have a number of compliments already so get the hell out of my life. ;)
This person, I'm sure, is the one who has left many comments bitching about me here.
Does not mean we're in the same school,does not mean you know me well. :)

Mentos Ad (To Update)

thank you
Before I came to Malaysia, I was in love with these treats; gummy worms, jawbreakers,Reese's, and Smarties. Lols. I used to live in the USA, thank you. :)
When I was 12, my mama's friend introduced me to these. Mentos. Actually, Mentos does exist in the USA but I wasn't introduced to these til now. -.- mama!
I don't want to introduce diabetes to you, but really, these treats are really nice to eat during classes when the lecturer gets boring; as always. Instead of having those assam or some sour treat, Mentos is a better choice as it is tasty (TASTY!), safe (So far no one choked on Mentos; excuse babies), cheap (RM1.20?!Omg!), and they come in gum form or chewable form. :)
I am actually asked to post a photo (HOT photo) of myself eating Mentos, but since my camera is not working, too bad. Don't miss me! :)
So, that's it?! Now Cherilynn; where's my RM50? You promised me that if I took your dare in advertising this sweet! :)
Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh darling Cherilynnnn..... :D

Updated : This is unfair! I need to get 150 comments from people to get RM50?!How could you...Cherilynn! :( I've wasted sweat and blood over this! You should know I've burned many calories of fat by typing......OHHH did I say CALORIES OF FAT?! WOOOOOTSSS!Give me more dares Cherilynn! Note the RM50!!!!!!!

Oh my darlin' oh my darlin' ,
Oh my darlin' Cherilynn...
You owe me 50, for the Mentos ad,
If you don't pay; You'll be sorry, Cherilynn....

Who Says Halters Are Not Hot?!

I hate you, people who hate halters. You make them (halters) sad.
Here's a convo between my first cute pretty purple halter and the black gorg sexy halter :
Cute Purple Halter (CPH) : Omg, them f**kers don't like me. (cries)
Black Gorg Sexy Halter (BGSH) : I know! Let's show them what we got.
CPH : Let's created a "Love Me Halter" club.
BGSH : ...and Not invite them haters!
CPH and BGSH then planned their halter club; it is a success. :)

Lame story I know. Any better ones? :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Missing My Baby

Living in PJ for the moment. Thanks to the university college I'm going to. Living in my aunt's house. As baby is staying in KL, he has to wake up really early in the morning in the weekends to come see me. :) Miss you baby!
Went to Sunway Pyramid to shop after classes. Harriet, YuLin and I had fun browsing through shops. Didn't buy much though. :(
Spent most of my free time not studying, but dating. My baby came all the way to be with me. He has term break. Missed him. ;(

Aunty Amelie bought me a cute halter neck top! Jersey material, woootiies! Stretchable materials are for me! :D Best of it all, it is BLACK! I love black. It makes a girl hot! :)
I hate college days. It makes any girl, or boy, busy. Too much things to do. So little time.
Daddy and mummy came all the way from KL with sis and bro. And Jenssen. Jenssen's mum and dad couldn't make it as they have things to do. :( Miss you, Uncle Henry and Aunty Elisabeth!
More updates on Zac and Vanessa soon! I can't believe I'm into this! My groom to be is running away from my arms to Vanessa! Someone get me a horse so I can run after him as well! :) Omg. Jenssen don't kill me. Love you baby.

I Don't Have To Be Insane To Know

Baby called. Informing me a bunch of high school idiots. Friends of mine. That I am a biatch for "faking a pregnancy". Hahahahah! I? Fake a pregnancy? :)
So what, if I want attention? Am I going to give you an economy downturn? To confirm the case : Jenssen asked me to tell you I am NOT preggers. ;)
So you. The one who's been spamming my blog. Think I don't know who you are? :)

Engaged To Break Up?!

Ok, I know Kay Lin and Aimee would just laugh at me. Olivia too. They would be wondering, "What the hell is going on with Tania Ray?!High school musical mania?!" Lols. Yes! ..and NO. Why would I be so over Zac and Vanessa's engagement?! It's not my fault that hottie came about when he was shooting High School Musical 1; it was HIS fault for appearing in TV. Omg he's just HOT! ..STOP THAT TANIA!
Well, anyway, thanks to Mich for reading my blog, she messaged me this morning (MESSAGED ME; to talk about Zac and Vanessa!) saying she heard from Richard Reed in about Zac being undecided if they should break up, or NOT! Omgggg! Pick me Zac! Pick me! :) :)
Wells, Mich could not remember the reason why (MICHELLE THIS IS IMPORTANT, HOW COULD YOU NOT REMEMBER?!), so I guess the reason why, was because..he found ME! ME Tania Ray! :D
Anyway, Heather you should not say Zac is ugly. He is so not fugly! :(
Anyone knows the reason why? :) Lols.
Oh ohhh Zacky Zacky.....I LOVE YOU! PICK ME! :D

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Zanessa Engaged?!

No!This can't be! Nooooosss! :(
Zac can't be engaged! Sexy Zac can't be engaged! Go away Vanessa!
Hot Zac and ... Vanessa.

Jenssen and ME! We're better. ;)
Omg you're so cute you can't get engaged! I'm a year younger than you! Pick me, Zac! I'll do better than Vanessa. Tania! Pick Tania! ;)


My name is Tania Ray Ong-Ch'ng Yvonne. It's suppose to be Ee Vonne. But I think Yvonne sounds nicer. Thanks to my mum and dad. Mum's a Chinese, dad's American. :) Thanks to them, I am hot!
Jenssen's name is Jenssen Yeoh. (Guess his last name!:) )
I've been thinking the name of our babies. One will be called..
Jeshua Yeoh-Ong-Ch'ng Lee Hon
Omf Jenssen! I don't want my Ong-Ch'ng to be included in our baby's certificate! Poor baby of mine. Imagine him going to school on the first day. The teacher asks him to stand, and introduce himself. My baby boy will say, "My name is Jeshua Yeoh? Ong? Ch'ng? Lee Hom.." (Class stares at him) Poor poor baby. "Lee Hon..sorry. I thought Lee Hom is cute." Omf my baby's gay!
I suggested,
Jeshua Yeoh Lee Hon
Like all my normal friends. Special people have to be modest. ;)
Lee Hom is my friend Kay Lin's favo singer at the moment. I like too! Look at his abs! :D
Loving Justin and Ciara's Love, Sex and Magic! Oohs...

...continuation of me pregnant. I am NOT pregnant. Who the f*** started this rumour? Damn. :) Jenssen said people were giving him stares. Hah! :) Naughty boy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Omg Is She Insane?!

So what if I went out with my boyfriend?! Is she insane? Jenssen's my baby. She was my best friend. Don't tell me what to do 'cause I am not giving a damn thing about it. :(
Been busy with crazy Jenssen. I'm getting pregnant. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Hubby Jenssen wants to take me somewhere. :)
I love him! ;)
Went on a Gucci shopping spree. Omg!
Oh yea, HuiLing told me to write this :
Online shopping scare!
Yes. HuiLing got cheated by a blogshop owner. This (Names should not be written here) owner asked her to transfer RM70 into her bank account. (Woot! Amount of clothes worth RM70) HuiLing did. The owner said she will send her her clothes as soon as possible. It has been a month now. The owner did not reply her emails or messages. HuiLing asks us to be careful of who we deal with online.
Comments! Comments! If you disagree with me, keep on commenting! I have the freedom of speech, peoples! :)

So yes, before you press any button, think twice. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Babes

Cools. Girls. Let's do one account too!

Halter Necks!

Boys don't read; unless you are gay. :)

Babes! ..and Gays!
Tania would love to tell you that.

Halter Necks are HOT! Hot!
I fell in love with the bareback ones too! ;)
So go girls, get one halter neck now!
They are classy AND sexy!

Love Jamie!

Mr Jamie Lee is back from Mexico. Pork flu free!
He bought Kay Lin and I gorg shoes and clothes! I love halter necks now! They make any woman shine! ;)
We love you Jamie!
:) Will post pictures of the tops (HALTER NECK) and shoes soon!

Oh yes, girls. Halter tops make ANY girl pretty! You can never go wrong.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tania Is Going To College!

I am 19 and I'm rotting. Damn you Jennifer for introducing me games like WoW and Maple. Damn you Jenssen baby for supporting Jennifer. Both Jenns. One my boyfriend. One best friend.
And damn you Kay Lin for doing your second year already in college while your dahling best friend here is feeding on computer games and viruses.
Jenssen baby said I'm becoming a boy. Oh I'm a boy! :)
Jenssen must be gay. Oh. No. How. Could. You. Jen. :(
I used to hate WoW but it's kind of nice? Strategy much? :)))))
I hate DOTA.


Demi and I were filling in college applicants. When this boy passes by. Oh . My.Hot.
We were in Coffee Bean, if you want to know. Krispy Kreme's here. Oh yes. :)
Times Square, I'm coming for you!
I'll be busy as I battle in WoW and Maple (Lols) and battle to enter colleges. In the USA.