Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hands Up, Playing My Song!

Working things up with the bf. I don't want to go all desperate so I'm going to stay my cool. ;)
Twittering is fun! Just got out from college. I'm using Maxis Broadband on Jenssen's laptop so I can blog while I'm in the car! Cool, or what? ;)
People ask me why haven't I post photos of myself and Jenssen, as like they say, "You look cute together!" Well, I may blog about how I feel about Jenssen in public, but if anything happens to us (like our relationship falling apart now, whatever it is) people will not throw balls at him or scream at him on the streets, saying, "Wtf is wrong with that guy?!?! Cheating/breaking up with a hot girl like that?!?" or "Wtf is wrong with him?!?! Megan Fox is NOT hot at all!" :)
Had fun with Jennifer, Kaylin, Timmy, Cherilynn, Yew Seng, etc and the other people.
I know I should put more photos in my blog, but my camera's spoilt. :(
I want to get more highlights to my hair. My hair is wavy brown. Should I highlight red to it?
Oh, and to Jennifer, etc and the other girls with broken hearts. Stay strong, babes! Who knows there's a second chance? Or move on? I read this article about Kim K and Reggie B and I was inspired! Lame, I know. So, here it is : Kim K and Reggie Bush ; Together Again! Click on to it!
As for me and my Meeagan Faux problem, I am so irritated everytime E! News talk about her. Call me a bitch, or what, but a girl needs respect too. I am not as hot as Megan Fox or as crazy or paranoid as she is, but I am human and Jenssen must know that.
Oh he's looking over here! Will blog more later.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Follow me On Twitter!

I am on Twitter! Jennifer invited me. :)
Do check out my Twitter account and follow me. ;)