Saturday, May 23, 2009


My name is Tania Ray Ong-Ch'ng Yvonne. It's suppose to be Ee Vonne. But I think Yvonne sounds nicer. Thanks to my mum and dad. Mum's a Chinese, dad's American. :) Thanks to them, I am hot!
Jenssen's name is Jenssen Yeoh. (Guess his last name!:) )
I've been thinking the name of our babies. One will be called..
Jeshua Yeoh-Ong-Ch'ng Lee Hon
Omf Jenssen! I don't want my Ong-Ch'ng to be included in our baby's certificate! Poor baby of mine. Imagine him going to school on the first day. The teacher asks him to stand, and introduce himself. My baby boy will say, "My name is Jeshua Yeoh? Ong? Ch'ng? Lee Hom.." (Class stares at him) Poor poor baby. "Lee Hon..sorry. I thought Lee Hom is cute." Omf my baby's gay!
I suggested,
Jeshua Yeoh Lee Hon
Like all my normal friends. Special people have to be modest. ;)
Lee Hom is my friend Kay Lin's favo singer at the moment. I like too! Look at his abs! :D
Loving Justin and Ciara's Love, Sex and Magic! Oohs...

...continuation of me pregnant. I am NOT pregnant. Who the f*** started this rumour? Damn. :) Jenssen said people were giving him stares. Hah! :) Naughty boy.

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  1. YOU DID!You went around in college saying, I'm pregnant that day, remember?