Thursday, December 11, 2008

The B*atch Post

Late updates. Many things to do. Many meeting up-bitching about to do. :)
It's been a while. Felt so tired over many things.
Was with Jenssen the whole day today. My baby and me. ;D
Jenssen had to fetch me to KLCC. Oww..sweet boy o' mine. My poor baby had to wait for me; as I try on many clothes; and shop about. He even let me try on clothes on him. :) :)
We took photos. Will be posted in my Friendster soon.
Sorry KayLin about Facebook. I just am not interested in Facebook at the moment. It's just..the internet has too many profiles and I find it sickening as I already have a boyfriend and friends in real life. I don't need internet friends. ;)
Met up with Sammie and her boyfriend Liowe. She looked so hot today! Woots Sammie!
Liowe, if you see this, don't be mad; be proud. Stand up tall; wear a shirt that says

Ooh, Jenssen, wear one too! ;)
I'm hot too, can? Stop staring at me and complaining. I know I'm hot. :)

Saw her again in KLCC. She's such a wannabe. Dressed so short; so sexily. With a so-called hot boyfriend in her arms, she has nothing to lose. With tubes and mini mini skirts, it's just disgusting; because your dressing tells who you are. Bitching about people you pretend to be close to behind their backs are also another thing. If you continue staying so fake; trying to blend in the crowd when you're so fake, just don't. For nobody will gain your trust one day. I shall be proudly spreading it all. Don't forget I'm here. :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

WANTED : Help To Destroy Someone

This is an advertorial : People reading this do leave your comments; bad comments will be deleted.
Tania here. Years ago, I was THE perfect girl in school. Everything was perfect. Everybody love me. (Yes, they still do!;) ) (HAHAHA I know I'm too much) I was really in good condition (I'm like a luxury) until this biatch came and ruined my life. She ruined my life! Thankfully Jenssen's all mine! Anyway back to the scene. Tania was perfect until *N came to her life. N was pretty; but Tania was prettier! (HA HA but I'm serious) N started mixing with Tania. Tania trusted N all her life; til she found out what N did...

N betrayed her. I expect symphaty from people here! Come' on, tissues please?!

N got interested in some boy, who was interested in Tania. Because of this, that's when betrayal start.

N took some of Tania's friends away, except some really loving and loyal ones, and made Tania an embarrassment in public. How mean is that?! I know..I know..mean can? That's what she did to me!
She tried flirting with Jenssen to hurt Tania but Jenssen was a darling and he didn't bother her. (Ha!Got you woman!)
Tania is seeking help. To destroy that insect!:)
Call Tania through her chatbox available. She would be so grateful for your kind and caring service.

Why I Am The Worst Girl Now

Another emo post; so don't expect much from pretty Tania ladies. :(
She's being so so emo now. She can't speak.
But she can type, blog about her daily effin' life here. Yeah, speaking about effin', people from ma' school, notice that person who came and hugged someone today. Such a happy person.
People; or more of friends, were asking. Is Tania pregnant? Let me tell you my happy and good answer : YES, I AM! And I'm giving birth to twins soon! And they will be called Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum AND AND if I am lucky enough to have a third son; he will be called Twiddle-Dumber AND AND AND if I am lucky lucky oh she's so lucky, I will have a fourth son, and he will be called Twiddle-Dumberer!
I know you idiots are staring at the screen, mouth open wide, thinking "Of all names, why is bloody Tania choosing such horrible ones?"
You really wanna know the answer?
Because I'm NOT pregnant you idiots!
Who the heck started that rumor, tell me?!
Oh, I forgot. I'm in college now. College people are supposed to be very open right? And since I'm half Eurasian or what you say amo kao or whatever it is spelled, THANK YOU for judging the Westerners.
I'm half East, half West. So I'm the best of both worlds. Jealous, no?
F! Such a post. Wonderful post. Full of bloody bloody words.
If you want to know the real reason why I'm being all so moody and emo, call me.
I need Befrienders now. Give me the hotline.

And to my darling Jenssen, don't worry, I'm fine. I appreciate you calling and comforting me; but this, I have to talk to someone personal. Doesn't mean I don't trust you or anything; but I need Befrienders. :(
I love you as always, Jen.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Missing Little Things

Sorry dudes and babes, for the late blogging. Life is filled with many busy moments; some remembered dearly, some totally forgotten.
Things always change. Time always flies. AND Tania is getting a little bit emo. :(
Looking at my childhood pictures, I wasn't always a bitch. Had the good times. Had good friends. Til I lost trust in some of them because they did something; betrayal.
That left a hole in my heart. Since then, I was always bitchy and heartless; not bothered about other's and I love being sarcastic. What I missed was the times when I did have true friends, who stood by me at all times, I've never come to really appreciate them. I was always in hurt; being so selfish I am. Jenssen was always there but I tend to make him angry. I tend to throw my anger at him. When he wasn't at fault. At all.
I feel like a loser. Want to cry so much; I can't help it.
Yeah, the girl who was always happy to see me sad; congrats. You won the game today.