Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why I Am The Worst Girl Now

Another emo post; so don't expect much from pretty Tania ladies. :(
She's being so so emo now. She can't speak.
But she can type, blog about her daily effin' life here. Yeah, speaking about effin', people from ma' school, notice that person who came and hugged someone today. Such a happy person.
People; or more of friends, were asking. Is Tania pregnant? Let me tell you my happy and good answer : YES, I AM! And I'm giving birth to twins soon! And they will be called Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum AND AND if I am lucky enough to have a third son; he will be called Twiddle-Dumber AND AND AND if I am lucky lucky oh she's so lucky, I will have a fourth son, and he will be called Twiddle-Dumberer!
I know you idiots are staring at the screen, mouth open wide, thinking "Of all names, why is bloody Tania choosing such horrible ones?"
You really wanna know the answer?
Because I'm NOT pregnant you idiots!
Who the heck started that rumor, tell me?!
Oh, I forgot. I'm in college now. College people are supposed to be very open right? And since I'm half Eurasian or what you say amo kao or whatever it is spelled, THANK YOU for judging the Westerners.
I'm half East, half West. So I'm the best of both worlds. Jealous, no?
F! Such a post. Wonderful post. Full of bloody bloody words.
If you want to know the real reason why I'm being all so moody and emo, call me.
I need Befrienders now. Give me the hotline.

And to my darling Jenssen, don't worry, I'm fine. I appreciate you calling and comforting me; but this, I have to talk to someone personal. Doesn't mean I don't trust you or anything; but I need Befrienders. :(
I love you as always, Jen.

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