Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Missing Little Things

Sorry dudes and babes, for the late blogging. Life is filled with many busy moments; some remembered dearly, some totally forgotten.
Things always change. Time always flies. AND Tania is getting a little bit emo. :(
Looking at my childhood pictures, I wasn't always a bitch. Had the good times. Had good friends. Til I lost trust in some of them because they did something; betrayal.
That left a hole in my heart. Since then, I was always bitchy and heartless; not bothered about other's and I love being sarcastic. What I missed was the times when I did have true friends, who stood by me at all times, I've never come to really appreciate them. I was always in hurt; being so selfish I am. Jenssen was always there but I tend to make him angry. I tend to throw my anger at him. When he wasn't at fault. At all.
I feel like a loser. Want to cry so much; I can't help it.
Yeah, the girl who was always happy to see me sad; congrats. You won the game today.

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