Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pre-Giveaway by Shop Like A Celebrity!

So I may have said I do not believe in online shopping, but since this does not involve me buying anything, I mind as well join!
Although I dislike the idea of online shopping (I have friends and a stupid sister who got cheated by blogshops once, or twice, or more!), I will be honest with you that I do read online shopping review blogs.
Because I am bored.
That's when I came across this blogpost by the people of Shop Like A Celebrity!
Shop Like A Celebrity! is a review blog which reviews clothes by online blogshops by taking inspirations from the styles of celebrities.
Its one of my favorite blogs as I like celebrities.
They are currently hosting a giveaway (now you see what I mean by not involving me buying?) contest, and a pre-giveaway one. This is my entry for the pre-giveaway one (I am so greedy!) :

Shop Like A Celebrity is formed on August 4, 2008.
They review items from local (Malaysian) blogshops by taking inspirations from the styles of celebrities.
Recently, on the July 19, I went into their blog as usual to check out their updates, and I got excited as I noticed they are holding a pre-giveaway contest (this babeh!) and a giveaway contest, which is on the July 30?
I saw that the winners for the giveaway contest will win clothes, accessories, make up and more from the people from S.L.A.C., Beetch, Syiok Sendiri Sisters and I Heart This!
Oooh I better be one of them!
The giveaway contest is hold in conjunction of their one year and a half anniversary (that's quite long!)
To participate in the giveaway (you guys won't beat me for sure!) , just check their blog on the 30 July for the rules and what to do. (I hope its easy peasy and has nothing to do with shopping anything online)
So, vote for me now by commenting on this post! Make sure your comments are proper if not I will kill you alive!

Fuck, I need to win this pre-giveaway! :-)
I saw that the winners of this pre-giveaway will win mystery goods from Syiok Sendiri Sisters (I hope its the ELF stuff. I just saw their blog on the sprees they are doing.) and the people from Shop Like A Celebrity! (I hope its tickets to America to watch Hollywood hunks. Kidding!)

So vote for me now! Will love you if you do!