Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mentos Ad (To Update)

thank you alibaba.com
Before I came to Malaysia, I was in love with these treats; gummy worms, jawbreakers,Reese's, and Smarties. Lols. I used to live in the USA, thank you. :)
When I was 12, my mama's friend introduced me to these. Mentos. Actually, Mentos does exist in the USA but I wasn't introduced to these til now. -.- mama!
I don't want to introduce diabetes to you, but really, these treats are really nice to eat during classes when the lecturer gets boring; as always. Instead of having those assam or some sour treat, Mentos is a better choice as it is tasty (TASTY!), safe (So far no one choked on Mentos; excuse babies), cheap (RM1.20?!Omg!), and they come in gum form or chewable form. :)
I am actually asked to post a photo (HOT photo) of myself eating Mentos, but since my camera is not working, too bad. Don't miss me! :)
So, that's it?! Now Cherilynn; where's my RM50? You promised me that if I took your dare in advertising this sweet! :)
Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh darling Cherilynnnn..... :D

Updated : This is unfair! I need to get 150 comments from people to get RM50?!How could you...Cherilynn! :( I've wasted sweat and blood over this! You should know I've burned many calories of fat by typing......OHHH did I say CALORIES OF FAT?! WOOOOOTSSS!Give me more dares Cherilynn! Note the RM50!!!!!!!

Oh my darlin' oh my darlin' ,
Oh my darlin' Cherilynn...
You owe me 50, for the Mentos ad,
If you don't pay; You'll be sorry, Cherilynn....


  1. Not good enough, Tania! Haha! Here's the first comment. 49 more for my RM50! :)

  2. Okay, well here you go. The second comment, now I've contributed to your earning. 48 more to go. :D

  3. (Cherilynn)
    No!!!1 comment will do? Please! I hate you. :(

    (Jake Lo)
    Omg!!!!Thanks!!!!:) I'll have to wait for 48 more people, or I'll bribe her! ;D

  4. My baby deserves 50.

  5. Another one. Great job baby!