Friday, May 15, 2009


Hubby Jenssen wants to take me somewhere. :)
I love him! ;)
Went on a Gucci shopping spree. Omg!
Oh yea, HuiLing told me to write this :
Online shopping scare!
Yes. HuiLing got cheated by a blogshop owner. This (Names should not be written here) owner asked her to transfer RM70 into her bank account. (Woot! Amount of clothes worth RM70) HuiLing did. The owner said she will send her her clothes as soon as possible. It has been a month now. The owner did not reply her emails or messages. HuiLing asks us to be careful of who we deal with online.
Comments! Comments! If you disagree with me, keep on commenting! I have the freedom of speech, peoples! :)

So yes, before you press any button, think twice. :)


  1. I agree with you, Tania!

  2. zomg, updated already??

  3. Thanks for telling everyone, babe!
    Love you! :)

  4. You look really bitchy in school. It's true. Nonetheless here. :)
    I may NOT like you but you have a point. Online shopping sucks. Got cheated before. But it doesn't mean all the shops cannot be trusted. And stop being so vain, Tania. Get a life!

  5. And you may live it perfect. Your pretty ugly face won't bring you anywhere. KayLin is so much prettier. Nicer, in fact. You are just plain horrible. That's true. :)
    Freedom of speech is important, yes. But why can't you be free to talk about how cheap or ugly you are, Tania?
    Jenssen does not know his girlfriend that well yet. ;)

  6. omg you think you have a perfect life?! in KL? think again. there are hotter girls in KL babe. ;)

  7. (Zane)
    Thanks for agreeing! :)
    Yes! :D
    No problemos!
    (Anonymous I)
    Thanks, I got a life already. Have you? ;)
    (Anonymous II)
    Jenssen does know me well. Ask him. :) I dare YOU.
    (Shannon Keng)
    No problemos babe!
    Don't I?