Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Daily Mad.

Mad 10 of the week :
1. Tania is a lesbian. (HAHAHAHAH!) :D
2. Jenssen is gay. (Hahahahaaah! Mine funnier! :) )
3. Kay Lin is fat. She is getting fatter. (Omg fat? No. I want her body. She's not fat!!!!!)
4. Pigs have little wings. (Baby, I want a pig!)
5. Britney Spears.....shaved her head bald again! "Oh no no Britney!You can't be bald!!!That's fugly!!!!!"
6. Madonna's partner Jesus Luz dumps HER for Tania Ray!!!!!!!!! ;)
7. Zac Efron marries......Tania Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Zoey Matchallawatt has agreed that she, will not be a fan of Tania anymore......? :( Come on Zoey!
9. The grass in Jenssen's garden's in love with Jenssen! No!!!!You can't have grass as partners!!!!!
10. ......Tania is NOT pregnant. That's a true Mad 10. Stop looking at my tummy!I love Xiaxue's header. :)
Thanks you Cherilynn for letting me use your laptop. That does not guarantee you don't owe me RM50!!!!!
I never heard of Xiaxue, honestly. Don't shout, "Wtf???!You don't know Xiaxue?!!She's hot!!!!!!". Yea, someone I would look up to. She's the Singaporean version of Paris Hilton. :)
Ohhhs, and talking about someone telling me that she's hot. I've got something to repeat. To some guys out there; those horny ones : "You think with your penis."

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