Friday, July 17, 2009

I Had To Be A Biatch

You just don't get me, ey?
Being called a "best friend" changes everything when you changed. The make up, the hair, the clothes. Where did you get them from? Is it cause of HIM, you changed? Hmmm?
You used to hate shiny patents, now you're wearing them. You hated curls; now you're having them. You hate highlights; you're having them. You hate make up, you said it spoils the skin; now you're wearing them. You insulted brands, saying they are overpriced (Gucci, Prada, LV); and now you're saving up for them? Wtf? Is this a different person I know?
A person who used to be happy with everything she has is now spoilt, a show-off and brand-conscious? Yes. I am brand-conscious. But you weren't. Is this your way in fitting in? I used to like you the way you are; like a sister. Now you're just selfish. You think beauty is everything. You think your boyfriend is everything. Oh well.
Changes in people. Know any of your best friends like this? 'Cause of a boy they leave you to become robots. Monsters. SO not themselves.
You were quite pretty. Now you're fugly.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Update : Tania is engaged to Jenssen Yeoh. :)
Kakakakaka I'm good at making headlines for my haters! Hate me, hate me more! :D
Lina F you Lina. I don't care I'm going to flag your blog soon! You'll see.. ;)
My best friend : Ey, Tania, why no pictures in your blog wannn? (imitating her voice)
Me : 'Cause I'm special. ;) (I winked ok!)
I'm special heeeheeeeeheeee. (copying Carmen's laugh) heeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeee.....


I love my bi. Baby. :)
He is planning to get me a Cyber Shot T. :D Probably posting photos of me soon. Haters, take note! You can take my photos here soon for free! Probably do a "I Hate Tania" website, like Dawn Yang and Xiaxue's.... Dawn WaYang and XiaLanXue. :) I'll love you more. See how much hate you can do to me.
Drove to Sunway. Woohoo! Baby came all the way again. Ah, the sacrifices you make for love...
Can anyone tell me what's so nice about kimonos? Any fucking kimonos? They're boring! And what is so nice about high-waisted? Make any girl tranny. :(