Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Update : Tania is engaged to Jenssen Yeoh. :)
Kakakakaka I'm good at making headlines for my haters! Hate me, hate me more! :D
Lina F you Lina. I don't care I'm going to flag your blog soon! You'll see.. ;)
My best friend : Ey, Tania, why no pictures in your blog wannn? (imitating her voice)
Me : 'Cause I'm special. ;) (I winked ok!)
I'm special heeeheeeeeheeee. (copying Carmen's laugh) heeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeee.....


I love my bi. Baby. :)
He is planning to get me a Cyber Shot T. :D Probably posting photos of me soon. Haters, take note! You can take my photos here soon for free! Probably do a "I Hate Tania" website, like Dawn Yang and Xiaxue's.... Dawn WaYang and XiaLanXue. :) I'll love you more. See how much hate you can do to me.
Drove to Sunway. Woohoo! Baby came all the way again. Ah, the sacrifices you make for love...
Can anyone tell me what's so nice about kimonos? Any fucking kimonos? They're boring! And what is so nice about high-waisted? Make any girl tranny. :(


  1. I've always thought that kimonos were a tad on the drab side. But they are traditional clothing. But with a few minor alterations I'm pretty sure they can look cute.

  2. Yeah, I agree with you. But really, they can be really boring sometimes. How have you been?:)