Monday, May 25, 2009

Engaged To Break Up?!

Ok, I know Kay Lin and Aimee would just laugh at me. Olivia too. They would be wondering, "What the hell is going on with Tania Ray?!High school musical mania?!" Lols. Yes! ..and NO. Why would I be so over Zac and Vanessa's engagement?! It's not my fault that hottie came about when he was shooting High School Musical 1; it was HIS fault for appearing in TV. Omg he's just HOT! ..STOP THAT TANIA!
Well, anyway, thanks to Mich for reading my blog, she messaged me this morning (MESSAGED ME; to talk about Zac and Vanessa!) saying she heard from Richard Reed in about Zac being undecided if they should break up, or NOT! Omgggg! Pick me Zac! Pick me! :) :)
Wells, Mich could not remember the reason why (MICHELLE THIS IS IMPORTANT, HOW COULD YOU NOT REMEMBER?!), so I guess the reason why, was because..he found ME! ME Tania Ray! :D
Anyway, Heather you should not say Zac is ugly. He is so not fugly! :(
Anyone knows the reason why? :) Lols.
Oh ohhh Zacky Zacky.....I LOVE YOU! PICK ME! :D

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