Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hands Up, Playing My Song!

Working things up with the bf. I don't want to go all desperate so I'm going to stay my cool. ;)
Twittering is fun! Just got out from college. I'm using Maxis Broadband on Jenssen's laptop so I can blog while I'm in the car! Cool, or what? ;)
People ask me why haven't I post photos of myself and Jenssen, as like they say, "You look cute together!" Well, I may blog about how I feel about Jenssen in public, but if anything happens to us (like our relationship falling apart now, whatever it is) people will not throw balls at him or scream at him on the streets, saying, "Wtf is wrong with that guy?!?! Cheating/breaking up with a hot girl like that?!?" or "Wtf is wrong with him?!?! Megan Fox is NOT hot at all!" :)
Had fun with Jennifer, Kaylin, Timmy, Cherilynn, Yew Seng, etc and the other people.
I know I should put more photos in my blog, but my camera's spoilt. :(
I want to get more highlights to my hair. My hair is wavy brown. Should I highlight red to it?
Oh, and to Jennifer, etc and the other girls with broken hearts. Stay strong, babes! Who knows there's a second chance? Or move on? I read this article about Kim K and Reggie B and I was inspired! Lame, I know. So, here it is : Kim K and Reggie Bush ; Together Again! Click on to it!
As for me and my Meeagan Faux problem, I am so irritated everytime E! News talk about her. Call me a bitch, or what, but a girl needs respect too. I am not as hot as Megan Fox or as crazy or paranoid as she is, but I am human and Jenssen must know that.
Oh he's looking over here! Will blog more later.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Follow me On Twitter!

I am on Twitter! Jennifer invited me. :)
Do check out my Twitter account and follow me. ;)

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Megan Fox Is Insecure (Part II)

She is so insecure. Angelina's hotter.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Sorry, Baby

Have you gotten into a big fight with your boyfriend over an actress? I have.
Megan Fox is hot. Yeah Hot. Bullshit. Is she the hottest actress in the world?
She claims to have a supernatural hold over men. Wtf.
Don't call me a jealous biatch. I do find her hot. I find her hot-ness over-rated.
Girls, you who have been in my situation would really understand how it feels like to have a boyfriend worshipping an actress, not loving and looking at you.
People; no big deal, no? 'Cause any how he worshipped her, he will never be with her, cause she's an actress?!?
"Yes, darling. Why do you call?"
"I miss you..."
"I miss you too...."
(silence for five minutes)
"So, what are you doing right now?"
"Ooooh. She's hot. Huh?..."
"Oh, baby. Googling."
"At who?"
"Megan Fox."
"Oooooohhh I wanna google her too!"
Bloody hell.
Went to see the bf during the weekend. Wanted to suprise him with...who else but mua? ;)
"Hi baby!"
"Oh hey....what are you doing here? Don't you have college?"
"Yeah, I'm coming here to stay for two days. Is that ok with you?"
"Uh, yeah. Sure."
(runs to his room and unpacks bags)
(runs to his laptop and sees what he's doing)
(Megan Fox was the first thing seen. Cries.)
Baby runs back to me, breaking into a sweat.
"Damn you!"
"Megan Fox.....again?! Waturfuck is wrong with you?!??!"
"What's wrong with you?"
"You should be answering me this...."
(pulls him towards the comp screen.)
"Tell me, what have you been doing all day?"
(checks the fucking computer. found pictures of Megan Fox in a folder called "Megan Fox")
"What's this?!!"
"Megan Fox lah! Can't see?!?!"
Few days ago he told me he was so busy with assignments by the lecturer that we can't spend time talking/chatting. I'm here to see him now 'cause I miss him and what I see is him googling Megan Fox. Damn. Wtf.
As expected, weekend stay with the bf didn't turn out well. Fought like hell over Megan Fox. Why?!? Whenever I told him I want to watch TV, he tells me he wants to watch Transformers. Why?!? You can guess. I hugged him and wanted a nice movie. He tells me we should watch this movie called "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People". I agreed, gladly. Only to find Megan Fox inside, causing attention in the movie by walking inside the pond in her evening gown. Wtf.
Can't take it anymore. Took the boyfriend out for a walk. Took his handphone. Saw a message;
To : Andy (017-55*****)
From : Jenssen (012-*******)
Dude, isn't Megan Fox hot?

He is too obsessed with her already. What about me?!?! Never seen him that obsessed with his own girlfriend. Sure, he said I'm hot many times. But does he really mean it? Probably just to make his friends all jealous. But that's all.
Went back after two days.
The thought of breaking up is deep in my mind.
Yeah. I'm mad. But who cares? Do you like it if your boyfriend/girlfriend spends time obsessing over a celebrity that they just can't see you? Do you like it if your boyfriend/girlfriend uses excuses like, "Can't hang out with you, babe. Got important work to do." only to know they are salivating over a celebrity?!!!? Do you like it if your boyfriend/girlfriend gets all sissy and bitchy when you said the celebrity they loved is ugly and would get into a huge fight with you over it?!?!?
I went home and did a research on Megan Fox. I still think Jessica Alba's hotter. She has been acting since young. Whoa. AND NOBODY NOTICED THAT?!?!
Only after transformers, with her hot hot hot hot body, she's only noticable. Poor thing. I'm sure that if she wears granny clothes in Transformers, she would not be as hot as she is now.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Love Scaring People!

Hows peoples goings ons?
Tanias iss doings wells. Shes hopess yous dos wells toos.
I am Merediths. Froms Tanias friends. I stoles hers blogs.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is There Such Thing As The One?!?!?!?

Exhibit : Friend A.
Status : Not available.
Reason : Just broke up with boyfriend of 1 year.
Reason for reason : Long. Distance. Relationship. Wtf.

Exhibit : Friend B.
Status : On-off-on
Reason : Boyfriend cheated. Broke up. Get back. Cheated AGAIN. Broke up. Got back. Never ending.
Reason for reason : Stated in reason.

Exhibit : Friend C.
Status : Just broke up with boyfriend of 8 months.
Reason : LDR. Perfect.
Can anyone just believe that there's such a thing as long distance????!

Exhibit : Friend D.
Status : Broke up with boyfriend. After 4 years.
Reason : Out of anger. Feelings for boyfriend just go away.
Status Now : Regretting.
Wtf?!?!?! I feel feelings do fade in a relationship, but it will come back sooner or later.

Exhibit : Friend E.
Status : Broke up with boyfriend of 5 years.
Reason : She changed for her boyfriend. Into a bitch. Boyfriend got sick of her. Dumped.

Exhibit : Tania Ray Ong.
Status : On-off-on with Jenssen Yeoh.
Reason : Our fightings, quarrelings, me getting caught with another guy dancing in the club, he not replying my messages or calls, etc.
Status Now : Fixing things up.

My conclusion ; Couples do go through any kind of bullshit on and off their relationship.
Exhibits A, B, C,D and E are best friends of mine. Most refused to go out as they feel really upset over their break ups. Me excluded. Jenssen and I are still fine, although we are on-off. I'm speaking on their behalf as I don't understand; is this the period where people break up???!??!?!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What The Fork?!?!!

Remember Vanessa Hudgen's nude photos last year? I thought she learnt her lesson, but look at her now. :) More photos appeared on the internet. I've been with Jenssen for some years and I've never took a nude photo (NOT EVEN ONCE) for Jenssen to see. I've shown him though. (Enough details) Anyway, one advice for you babes. Never, ever, take a nude photo for your boyfriend. You will end up a porn star.
Her photos look....well, she look so much better with clothes on. No offense Van, if you wanna show Zac, please do it in private. You know you are famous, pictures can be leaked and your handphone can be stolen.
Here are some of the nude photos leaked. You pervs, I don't get it. Let me ask you. Looking at breasts makes you high. Haven't you seen enough then? You should get your own breasts.
(NOTE TO PERVS: I had an experience with a perv, so that's the reason why I HATE THEM.)
She was once the High School Musical Darling. Oh, isn't she still one now? ;)
OOoooohs. I am getting high..NOT.
The perfect role model for children.
Tip: Be naked in front of the mirror with your finger seductively placed in your lips....wear nothing but a pair of underwear.
Kids and teens and people around, do this only when you are with your husband, not the camera.
A tip to you Van, wear more clothes. I'm sure you can afford them. You will look so much better. We've seen enough.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aloha It's Been SO Freakin' Long!

If you're wondering how was Tania Ray, let's say she's doing GOOD. REALLY GOOD. :)
Am I back to full time bitching in my blog? Not really. Boyfie don't like. ;(
Updates about me :
- I have grown fatter, by 10 kg. Yes! From 39kg to 49kg! Great, or what?! I know many of you might be like, "What the freak is she? People loosing weight, she's happily gaining weight." I want to look good. So by doing so, I need to gain weight. Some people say I'm freaking thin.
- I have changed my tel. number to 017-61ttttt. t-tania. t-you have to ask me what are the freaking 5 digits dearrr.
- I love halters. Yeah. Usual me.
- I am addicted to "Love, Sex and Magic" by Ciara and Justin Timberlake.
- I have hair extensions! LOVE HAIR EXTENSIONS! Can someone agree with me just how great they are? Omg yes they are no they are yes they are!
- I freaking love nail art! Had manicures like usual with darling Cherilynn and loving my painted art nails!
- I still don't like someone. Oooooo bitchy.
- My name is Tania Ray Ong; by birth, Tania Yeoh, when I marry my baby. Jenssen is still my boyfriend.
- I freaking love miniskirts! Bright pink is the new colour!
Ok I'm done. Bye bye loves!

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Had To Be A Biatch

You just don't get me, ey?
Being called a "best friend" changes everything when you changed. The make up, the hair, the clothes. Where did you get them from? Is it cause of HIM, you changed? Hmmm?
You used to hate shiny patents, now you're wearing them. You hated curls; now you're having them. You hate highlights; you're having them. You hate make up, you said it spoils the skin; now you're wearing them. You insulted brands, saying they are overpriced (Gucci, Prada, LV); and now you're saving up for them? Wtf? Is this a different person I know?
A person who used to be happy with everything she has is now spoilt, a show-off and brand-conscious? Yes. I am brand-conscious. But you weren't. Is this your way in fitting in? I used to like you the way you are; like a sister. Now you're just selfish. You think beauty is everything. You think your boyfriend is everything. Oh well.
Changes in people. Know any of your best friends like this? 'Cause of a boy they leave you to become robots. Monsters. SO not themselves.
You were quite pretty. Now you're fugly.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Update : Tania is engaged to Jenssen Yeoh. :)
Kakakakaka I'm good at making headlines for my haters! Hate me, hate me more! :D
Lina F you Lina. I don't care I'm going to flag your blog soon! You'll see.. ;)
My best friend : Ey, Tania, why no pictures in your blog wannn? (imitating her voice)
Me : 'Cause I'm special. ;) (I winked ok!)
I'm special heeeheeeeeheeee. (copying Carmen's laugh) heeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeeeeheeeeee.....


I love my bi. Baby. :)
He is planning to get me a Cyber Shot T. :D Probably posting photos of me soon. Haters, take note! You can take my photos here soon for free! Probably do a "I Hate Tania" website, like Dawn Yang and Xiaxue's.... Dawn WaYang and XiaLanXue. :) I'll love you more. See how much hate you can do to me.
Drove to Sunway. Woohoo! Baby came all the way again. Ah, the sacrifices you make for love...
Can anyone tell me what's so nice about kimonos? Any fucking kimonos? They're boring! And what is so nice about high-waisted? Make any girl tranny. :(

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's Weird On

How perfect I am and PEOPLE HATE IT!

Jenssen and I were walking into a cinema the other day; COUPLE QUALITY TIME!!!!;) When this guy came up to us and said something like, "Hi..you are Tania Ray right???Qi Chen's friend." It's funny how you can get Qi Chen to be a pick up line. When I said yes, he went on. "Oh, and the boy you have here is..?" He looks at baby. Jenssen just smiled and politely shook his hand. "Tania's boyfriend." The guy then smiled this "Oh I don't like this.." smile and walked off, leaving Jenssen and me shocked.
Qi Chen, do you know any guy who has spiky hair, something like cuffs on his hands, those with spikes, brown black eyes, and an Edward Cullen smile???? No I'm just describing that guy. He has black hair with red highlights too wtf EVERYONE HAS BLACK HAIR AND RED HIGHLIGHTS. Do you Qi Chen, know a guy like this??? I'M NOT INTERESTED IN THAT GUY F YOU. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND HERE AND JENSSEN AND I WERE JUST CURIOUS ON WHO HE IS.
Ok. On me being perfecto, as always. :)
I was blog walking the other day and I saw this blog. Lina Yeoh. Being linked by a girl named Valerie Ngah. So.....I just went to it, just in case it's that Lina I know. I am right.
Here are some pretty quotes I must say. I'm so proud she's jealous of me. :D
" Tania and I are best friends. She is quite pretty, actually. Too bad she is such a bitch. Spoilt. Rich. You got it. She has a boyfriend de some more she not so happy. Must go clubs with me to find leng chai.." - February 23rd, 2009.
"Can somebody just tell Tanzziiie to shut up? She is bitching a hell of lies about me in her fucking blog and most are not true! Even he started supporting her, saying I am sluts lah, whatever. I told her I forgave her but she said I am the one who should say sorry for calling her a fucking ugly barbarian! Sometimes, pretty people can change to ugly so fast. How sad. :) She should know how I feel. She should not say things about me. Revenge will come back..nice. :) " - June 2009
And many more. I know it's me in the June post. 'Cause she calls me Tanzziiie. She said I'm pretty but I became ugly. Whoa. So much for pretending to be nice to me the other day, Lina! I thought I forgave you, and we forgot about it. But you didn't. You didn't forget. You didn't forgive. Who says I go to clubs with you to find handsome boys? I go at times but not much now. I go 'cause I want to have fun dancing around a while. Jenssen knows. AT LEAST I told Jenssen. What about you? Going to clubs AND NOT telling the boy you like who likes you back won't help. Jenssen and I have trust in each other. I never said I want to go and play with other boys. I never did. And your boy supporting me does not mean that I asked him too. I know you. But HE knows you better, doesn't he????
I'm done, Lina. You can just say whatever you want. I'm not going to respond much.

Proven. People ARE jealous of my hotness. :)


I don't know what sound is that, so YES, CHAKS. Jenssen and I were at home (MY hostel) reading something together and watching a movie, when this CHAKS sound came. Chaks. :(
Pray its not the ceiling 'cause I've been living here a past few months and I don't want the ceiling to fall on my pretty head. :(
Ooohhs. Some bitch came and told me today, "HEY I read your blog, and you are SERIOUSLY NAUGHTY." NAUGHTY? I take it as a compliment! :D
Dum doooo DOOM. My boyfriend is calling me. He's here for the weekend! :)
Bye people! Have a nice time missing Tania Ray! She'll come back soon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I'm Going To Get

A new chatbox!!!! I want to know who spams and I will ban them!!!! But not today!!!!!! Hahah!! Fuckers banned!!!!
I stuffed myself and baby with hotdogs today.:( Bbbbuuurrrpppp!
Met Cherilynn on the way,who called me FAT!!!!Cherilynn how could you call me fat!!!!I need to go to the gym already!!!
Recieved a mail from this person called pInkYLoVe.She wrote to me about Lina.I told you...get the fuck away and don't ask me about Lina can!!!
I will read the letter soon and give you MY explanations on why I don't like Lina.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Baby ;)

Jenssen Yeoh,
Thank you for coming all the way to visit Tan Tan. :)
I really miss you baby. :)

Thanks for the crazy spree you gave me; Topshop, LV,..loving the LV Bag.
I'll always find time to spend with you.


Monday, June 8, 2009

I Forgot MY CBOX!

Damn! I forgot my CBox email and username. I want to check the IP ADDRESS OF SPAMMERS! Ban you all! :( And YOU FRIGGIN PEOPLE, STOP ACTING AS LINA IN THE CHATBOX BECAUSE I KNOW IT'S NOT HER AT ALL!
Jenssen's proud. I finally became a more humane person. Lols! Not.
But really, stop acting as Lina. Writing in the chatbox as Lina is not a really cool thing. Makes me mad-er. I actually pitied her now. She has enough attention from people already. Thanks to me. ;)
I will remind you friggers,
Don't post as Lina. I rather you post as "I Hate Tania" than Lina because it's between us both and you people have NO rights to act as her just to make me mad and make me bitch about her more! She deserves hatred from you, but not you pretending to be Lina! I want to ban your IP address once I know who you are! :(
I had the worst cause one 'Lina' came to my chatbox and said something mean.
I really thought it was 'Lina' so I passed notes to friends saying how mad Lina is,
Lina's best friend was curious so she asked Lina. Lina immediately came to me after college and said it wasn't her. I didn't believe her so I asked her to prove it.
She called me later that night and told me her IP address. She also told me the location of where she is that day the message is posted. I begin to think she's a bit insane. ;)
So to check out if it's really Lina or not, I have to log in my chatbox and see. But I forgot the password. Somehow, I feel that for once; Lina Yeoh is telling the truth. She really looked like she's regretting what she did. But I can't be too sure, can I? :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I read magazines, and now I'm into one only. Vogue. :) They're really good at taking photos.
All photos are credits to Vogue magazine and Google.com. ;)


Just to make you all happy, I've came across photos of women we LOVE. Or hate. :)
Our darling Britney, or Amy. Trying hard to show your breasts, darling?Ooooohhhh....lesbos! Samantha, you gotta see this! Oh Lindsay's already pregnant?She's pretty. But I hate her.


I know if I continue with my complaints about Lina the Bitch, people would just start pitying her instead of me. Hah!
Anyway, I was looking at a fashion website; I am Fashion, and I saw this! Pretty pretty halters! :)
Jenssen baby. I want one! :) Get me the pink one. They say; red attracts a boy's attention more. So girls, get more reds! :)
Ah! This is exactly like the one I saw during my shopping trip in Sunway. I wanted to buy this hot dress, but my friend, Cherilynn was running late. She has an appointment with someone. Lols. ;) So yea, I want this dress.
I love the colors black and red. They are sexy. I love this dress from Top Shop. Kate Moss is wearing it. Should I wear this to the prom? Yea, that's why I'm all dressy. I want a dress for prom! My style? Red/black, halter, sexy. Lols. Suggest me. Price between RM200-600. ;)


Because of this Lina thing, people are messaging me, emailing me all sorts of things! Some of you show concern for me. Thanks, I appreciate it. :) But....some are like :
"Tania, you should be considerate a little.Lina is just another girl struggling to find out what life is..." Struggling to find out what life is? What are you talking about?

"You are too much. Lina's privacy also you wanna tell out. What kind of bitch are you...."
You didn't read properly. Her email. Bitch. Me?

"Tan, I think Lina is wrong, but you should not do this to her. She has a life babe! Just chill and forget this barbaric nonsense!"
I can't chill. For someone to insult me is really bad. Thanks for the advice though.

Lina called and messaged me non stop today. I was asleep, untill 4 pm, when I woke up I saw 50 misscalls from Lina Yeoh's number. What is it you want? I just ignored her. I saw 34 messages from her too. Lina, I know you are rich. Stop spamming my inbox with messages! Wtf.
One of the messages are like, "Tania, babe, please. You are a good friend of mine, PLEASE delete the posts. Your blog may not be popular, but still there are a number of people reading it." Wtf.
If you hadn't start bitching about me, I wouldn't have started this too!

Lina just called. Few seconds ago. I rejected her call. She called again. I rejected. For ten times she called, I rejected it all. She called my aunt's house phone. Since I'm staying there. I was forced to answer. I told my aunt to ask who that was, but Lina was smart enough to say "Her friend." Next time if any of you call my aunt's house, PLEASE SAY YOUR NAME OR ELSE I'LL THINK YOUR LINA! I answered. She went crying and begging me. She cried. I actually pitied her for the moment. But after that. She start threatening me. Wtf.

UPDATE : Lina, I will not delete your posts. Become more famous is a good thing, no? ;)
And wtf stop judging me.

I Need A Doctor

After all that. Lina bitch. She makes me sick. I need to go see a doctor before my heart bursts. I've never been so hurt before. I am feeling very tired and angry now. I need some rest. Jenssen baby. Call me at 4pm. I love you baby!

Updates : Kay Lin, thanks for your comfort. I don't know what would I do to repay your kindness. :)

Read Part 3

From: Lina Yeoh
To: Tania R
Sent: Saturday, June 6, 2009
Subject: othr

I will throw away de burn book also if u do tht. i wil stop takin 2nd hand cheap boys also if u do tht. i juz wan my private life back. yesterday at damie's gathering, i went n everyone wz lookin at me. tania......dun do tiz to me.....plz...

Second hand cheap boys. Whoa. You are a third hand cheap prostitute? Old life as a prostitute? Look at you? You must be really happy! Wearing low cut tops to attract penis thinkers or fuckers.

Read Part 2.

From: Lina Yeoh
To: tania.lovesjenssen@yahoo.com
Sent: Saturday, June 6, 2009
Subject: remove de post plzzzzz...

Tania darlin,
I think u should delete that post about me.I juz saw it n I never tought it would come frm u. U r a good friendz. Not a barbarian. I regret saying that. I really hopez u can delete that post. I do club. What u say might b true, but u should not post it in public. Okz I know my ex boyfriend, the one u know I luv still, Terry, he readz ur blog. He dint have sex wif me cuz he wants us to b married then u know.....plz tania. this is my privacyz. I dun want my privacy 2 b gone liddat cuz of what u posted. Nobody is perfect.Good friendz should nt do that.They keep secretz, they trust each otherz.U may use 2 b my good friendz, but after what u did,i dont think so. My burn book is still here.I can post it in de internet anytime. Babe, remember ur OTHER secret? ;) Since u told everyonez my secretz, i shall pay u kindness n tell it back. ;) But if u delete tht post, i would remove u frm my burn book n take u as a best friendz again. plz tania....u duno how bad this is has done 2 my privacy. Nobody could b holy all de time.i know some buddhist which r nt holy 2. I am begging u....plz remove de post. Dana, Damie, Amy call me,askin if itz true.c wht u hav done. :(
This is the first part. Without any changing, highligting, or anything. It's 100% original, from Lina Yeoh. Yes, Lina Yeoh is original. 2% only. 1% of her originality comes from this email from her. The other one comes from the next email. (READ PART 3. OMG this is so fun I can just do a movie for her! Lina you can be famous now! Don't have to post naked and let all penis thinkers look at you already.Ey it's true!She thinks her body would attract "stupid boys who think with their penis. Hefner is one.) Ok. Back to my business. I called Jenssen and we talked for 45 minutes! Woot! :)
Ok ok I start now.

1.Tania darlin, (She still calls me a darling!) I am soooooooo proud to be a darling to Jenssen!

2.I think u should delete that post about me.I juz saw it n I never tought it would come frm u. U r a good friendz. Not a barbarian. I regret saying that. I really hopez u can delete that post.
(Whoa! I am a good friends. Not a barbarian. You really regret saying it? Or you regret saying it 'cause you regret getting famous in my blog?)

3.I do club. What u say might b true, but u should not post it in public. Okz I know my ex boyfriend, the one u know I luv still, Terry, he readz ur blog. He dint have sex wif me cuz he wants us to b married then u know.....plz tania. this is my privacyz. I dun want my privacy 2 b gone liddat cuz of what u posted.
(You admit. Hah! Oh?Post in public a big problem for you? What about me? You posted in your Friendster blog that I am the worst person you ever met? On June 1st. Remember? "I can't believe a girl like Tania is an uncivilised barbarian. She's my best friendz but I don't like her being very heartless. She's very bitchy. She kisses Jenssen like a prostitute. Jenssen is a good boy. Which I think is weird. She's quite hot but she's very ugly inside. I wonder what would Jenssen's mother think when she sees a fugly bitch like Tania. ;( " You post it as a private post. But oh no. You forgot that I know your Friendster password! That's how I go through this. I kiss Jenssen like a prostitute? At least I didn't have sex like you. Which is better? Or worst? Terry, I didn't know you read my blog! :) Good job boy! Keep reading! :) More details of the one who loves you. Get to know her better.)

4.Nobody is perfect.Good friendz should nt do that.They keep secretz, they trust each otherz.U may use 2 b my good friendz, but after what u did,i dont think so. My burn book is still here.I can post it in de internet anytime. Babe, remember ur OTHER secret? ;) Since u told everyonez my secretz, i shall pay u kindness n tell it back. ;) But if u delete tht post, i would remove u frm my burn book n take u as a best friendz again. plz tania....
(Good friends don't do that. That is true. But you are not my good friend. I am not your good friend too. So? You posted about me in your Friendster blog. You bitched about me in public. You bitched about me to everyone I know. You make everyone hate me. You destroy my life. Just because I am an uncivilised barbarian. Jenssen never thought that way. YOU did. My other secret? Tell the world! Let people hate me more! Pay me kindness? A kind person would not start bitching about you. A kind person would know betray your friendship. A kind person would never judge you. Trust each other? I trusted you. You didn't. You told everyone I had the worst moment in college. You told everyone my deep secret. Can you be trusted after that? Post your burn book in the internet! Go! See how many people believe the lies you wrote about your friends who think nothing but good about you. Nobody is perfect? You told me you are pretty. You have many penis thinkers loving you. You are a kind, loving person. And you said you are perfect. AND you dare say nobody is perfect? I don't want to waste my time being friends with someone who lies, who backstabs, and who makes fun of people who fall.)

5.Nobody could b holy all de time.i know some buddhist which r nt holy 2. I am begging u....plz remove de post. Dana, Damie, Amy call me,askin if itz true.c wht u hav done. :(
(Shows how much you need to go to a psycho doctor. Don't put your religion now. I don't want to know. They are human.)

I'm finished. I need to drink more water and medicine in case my blood pressure increases. Reading this letters has caused me so much hurt and anger, I will stop screaming at people for a week.

Friday, June 5, 2009


A letter from darling, all the way to my yahoo mail! ;)

Lina Yeoh
To: tania.lovesjenssen@yahoo.com
Sent: Saturday, June 6, 2009 12:00:00AM
Subject: remove de post plzzzzz...

Tania darlin,
I think u should delete that post about me.I juz saw it n I never tought it would come frm u. U r a good friendz. Not a barbarian. I regret saying that. I really hopez u can delete that post. I do club. What u say might b true, but u should not post it in public. Okz I know my ex boyfriend, the one u know I luv still, Terry, he readz ur blog. He dint have sex wif me cuz he wants us to b married then u know.....plz tania. this is my privacyz. I dun want my privacy 2 b gone liddat cuz of what u posted. Nobody is perfect.Good friendz should nt do that.They keep secretz, they trust each otherz.U may use 2 b my good friendz, but after what u did,i dont think so. My burn book is still here.I can post it in de internet anytime. Babe, remember ur OTHER secret? ;) Since u told everyonez my secretz, i shall pay u kindness n tell it back. ;) But if u delete tht post, i would remove u frm my burn book n take u as a best friendz again. plz tania....u duno how bad this is has done 2 my privacy. Nobody could b holy all de time.i know some buddhist which r nt holy 2. I am begging u....plz remove de post. Dana, Damie, Amy call me,askin if itz true.c wht u hav done. :(

I woke up and read my emails. Lina sent me two. That wonderful biatch. That's why I love her SO MUCH! :)

Mail no 2. I didn't have time to highlight this one.
From: Lina Yeoh
To: Tania R
Sent: Saturday, June 6, 2009 12:12:13AM
Subject: othr

I will throw away de burn book also if u do tht. i wil stop takin 2nd hand cheap boys also if u do tht. i juz wan my private life back. yesterday at damie's gathering, i went n everyone wz lookin at me. tania......dun do tiz to me.....plz...

2nd hand cheap boys. Hah! Pretty wonderful ey? Second hand cheap boys. Then you are a.......third hand cheap woman. A prost. No? :)

I will go through the emails soon and post them again. Going to call my baby to tell him I'm awake first. Then I will be back to reading these. ;)
Kay Lin, check your handphone! I have important news to you! (It's about the prom! ;) )

The Naked Truth

I will be nice to you if you are nice, to me.
I will be a bitch to you if you are too, a bitch to me.
I will be a great friend and true to you if you are, true to me.
also, I will be very mean to you if you are, mean to me. :)

Note :Pass this if you hate bitchy posts.

I hate bitchy posts. But since someone said I am bitchy, mean, untrue, fake, (baby, SEE THIS) A CHEATER, spoiled, rich with no brains (I got straight As so far, so that makes me more stupid), and a (READ THIS) uncivilised barbarian, let me introduce you the best girl ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .......OR the worst. ;)
Having known her for a year, I am so happy to have met such a wonderful friend like Lina Yeoh. ;) She has such a pretty name, right?Oh I am so right!:)
Lina, like any other girl, is a very religious yet pretty girl. (Boys interested, she only dates boys her own religion! Read my previous posts)Ok, put the religion aside, but that's a true statement. That's what she write often, in her biodata too! Oh, she's single by the way. Pretty too. ;) She's 20 this year, so all you single 20 year old men! Lina Yeoh is available!!!! Omg I'm so proud already I have to continue going....
Lina, is a very nice and a very honest person. Except that when you are someone she does not like, she will not bitch about you to you, she will bitch about you BEHIND YOU. Now that's nice. What a nice girl is she. So understanding.....
I don't want to talk about her personal, love, sex matters, because it's going to be really juicy if I start and I won't stop! :)
She would go clubbing with me and yes, leave the club with a boy!!!!!(Ooooooohhs! I will end that now!)Oh did I tell you she almost got pregnant?They forgot that....Ok I should stop!!!!! Tania is NICE!!!Of course she will stop!!!!!!!
Ok,I will stop after this nice one : She loves to borrow other boys. Those playboys! She says she don't bother unless they are really commited and they are playboys; "its already a reputation!"....SAD, but true.
When we go shopping, she would comment on your dress, saying it's nice, pretty, suits your sexy body. But behind you, she has this book called "Burn Book" (Mean Girls, remember Regina George?) and she will write all about how ugly your dress is in her book; and how bad your taste is. Whoa, Lina, how kind of you. Now we're all written in a BOOK! Our names in a BOOK! We could be famous! Try the TV. :)
She may be your best friend, but behind you, she will write all about you in this Burn Book. She showed me once, and now, oh Lina, I know my name's there! Keep on writing! ;) I love having my name there! The more the better! ;)
I know what are you all curious about in her Burn Book. Here's some :
"She's such a bitchy, f*cking cheap slut. Pretty, but I can't believe she is still loved by Peter."
-Dana; a good friend of mine and also, Peter's loving lady, and no don't worry Dana, I still love you and I won't write bitches about you in some pretty black book!
"Amy's someone I really admire. Pity though, she does not have a boyfriend. Desperate for Harry. Stop her. It's not like he will, like her."
-Amy Neo, is that true? Desperation? I don't think so.
"I have met a few wonderful people in college and Damie Tan is one. Too bad, she isn't pretty. She has a bad voice too. Sounded like chickens. I really wish I could help her get prettier. I know how."
-Damie, she says she knows how to get pretty. Get tips from her then dear. But Tania thinks, you are already pretty. Don't change.
"I really liked her boyfriend. But not her. What a fucked up couple; too bad it's her. Ew!"
-Sonia. I like you, but not your boyfriend. :)
"I love her. She's a best friend of mine. Too bad I have to write about her in my burn book. I can't believe she's so stupid. She does not use her brains at times. I pity her o."
-Jeanette. You are not stupid. Honest.

Ok I don't think I should continue. You should just ask her for the burn book. I swear she will give you. Cherilynn, ask her! Wu Vynn, ask her too! Your names aren't written inside; as far as I remember.....
Lina, posting as different types of people is not the way to make me worse. You think people who hate me only read this blog, but no. Kay Lin is my best friend and she is TRUE. I may vomit at her, shit on her lap or hit her hard, but she still stands by me. You did not. You pretended to be nice to me. Pretended to be my friend. But you bitched much about me. Calling me an uncivilised barbarian. I've checked my IP address ; thanks AngelKein for telling me. I am so clueless! Most of the IP addresses are the same. And you know what Lina? Before we become "better friends" like what we are now, the IP address is the same as those of yours! Comments though, I can't check. But I know they come from you! Come on Lina. I said NO COMMENTS ON THAT POST. WHO ELSE WOULD BEG ME TO DELETE THAT POST IF IT'S NOT ABOUT THEM?!
I shall not give away more. I am finished. Thank you, Lina Yeoh, for being a friend. A friend I thought I could trust. A friend who hates copycats but copies me as well. A friend who thinks she has a great taste in fashion but all the clothes she's wearing now is; so NOT in trend? If you want to be in trend, follow! Don't say empty things! Halters are the trend, follow!>...Oh you are following already! I forgot you copied. :)
I know after this post is posted and read by people, our friendship is going to end. But this is the truth, you love truthful, good, not horny people. You are a GREAT example anyway. I know you said, my deepest darkest secret will be told. Honest, I spent a week not sleeping and just thinking about it. I told Jenssen already. So tell all you want. Jenssen still loves me. Don't add fake stories. I am loyal to Jenssen and that's the truth.
Now my job's done. I can sleep well in peace now.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lindsay Lohan IS PREGNANT!

Omg I can't believe it. I'm going to see another Lohan soon! ;( THIS IS BAD.
Anyway, had a 2 HOUR PHONECALL WITH MY BABY JUST NOW! Woot! Who wants to break the record with me? Who has 3 or 4 hours phonecalls (NO HANGING UPS; JUST TALK TALK FOR TWO F**KING HOURS! WHO HAS WHO HAS?????? COMMENT! I WILL SOLUTE YOU IN MY NEXT POST!)
Jenssen banned me from saying the word fuck. Oh I just said it. Ok I won't say it already. Sorry Jenssen baby. :(
Cherilynn you still owe me 50! 50 babe 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to attend a party this Sunday. Any ideas on what to wear? The theme is "Bombastic Fantastic". I don't know what it means, exactly...

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Anger

Lindsay Lohan is pregnant! According to a magazine I read, the actress is pregnant with no idea on who the father of her baby is! Omg! Lindsay how could you!?
There are many reasons a person can get angry. I don't care if this issue is controversial, I have to blog about it now. A friend of mine, who is holy and good. Holy and good is a good thing; but is criticizing other religions; THEN trying to convert you into her religion, good? You tell me. I am sick of you criticizing other religions like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Taoism. Best part is, after criticizing all this religions, you're telling me what good has the Buddha taught you. Isn't that the same? You are telling me people of other religions are 'fanatics'. What about you? You are trying to convert me. Isn't it the same. my dear? And what the fuck are you calling free-thinkers; uncivilised barbarians?! I may be one, but you don't have the rights to call me an 'uncivilised barbarian'. To me, the religion is not the problem, it is the person holding the religion which has the problem. You should not hate a religion because someone of that religion has done something wrong to you. They have reasons why they want to tell you about their God; you can't blame them. But you, you are telling me that and you are also doing the same. What difference does it make? What the feck do you want anyway? To tell me the bad things other people of other religions do and then, teaching me about buddhism? I don't care what you people think. I think, it's the person carrying the religion that should hold the blame if he or her sin. Though I am a free-thinker,I have yet to find God. I know there's something, somewhere out there who created us. And I don't fucking care if you insult other religions then try to tell me the good things about YOUR religion. Tell me, Lina. Is this what the Buddha has taught you? If that's the case, I am not interested. Call me uncivilised barbarian. I don't care. If you're trying to convert people, it's fine with me. But insulting other religions FIRST then trying to get me into your's is just not what I need to hear about. End of case. Comments will be deleted about this. It's something I couldn't stand about so I have to blog about it.
I am not insulting any religions, but I hate it when some people do not use their fucking brains properly before saying things; especially controversial and sensitive things.
-Uncivilised barbarian. by Lina.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Hello, I Am Desperate

I love the song "If You Seek Amy" by Britney. Well. I was wondering what "If You Seek Amy" means. So, like a girl desperate to know a guy, I googled it. Ooooh. I like the results.
If You Seek Amy; to Americans (why wasn't I taught?!) means F-U-C-K me. :)
A pretty article came to the light too. Britney going on private sex sessions. I heard there's a fan crazy for her. Why not him, Britney?
I still love this song. But it makes me think of only one thing when I see Britney Spears in magazines. Desperate.
"All the boys and all the girls are begging to F-U-C-K me." ;)
I certainly know I am not one of the girls OR the boys.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I love you Zac I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vanessa go away!!!!!!!


"It seems all is not well in the popular 'High School Musical' stars' real-life love bubble. When Vanessa Hudgens heard news of her boyfriend's decision to steer clear of wedding bells until his 40th, she retalliated by saying that she wants to have the freedom to date other people. How will the tweens tally up their differences?"
I'm not kidding.
After having a talk with Jenssen (Omgggg we had a talk about HSM?!!!) he thinks I should be happy Zac Efron and Vanessa are together.He said many couples in Hollywood don't really last long and I should be happy for them.He actually feels for them!!!!!Ok I do too. Zac go back to Vanessa!!!!But don't forget me! ;)
More zomg!
"Vanessa Hudgens has told boyfriend Zac Efron she wants to date other men. The 20-year-old actress - who met her 21-year-old beau when they were both starring in 'High School Musical' - was reportedly livid after hearing Zac doesn't want to get married until he is 40, and decided to make him jealous by seeing other people."
No can? Even I would not date other men to make baby jealous. Vanessa are you out of your friggin mind? Dating other guys to make Zac JEALOUS?You think your so hot??!!! Why don't you wait til 40?I'm sure your still futile. :)
Whoa. Tania Ray being kind and thoughtful. The world is spinning.... ;)
Jenssen baby...come down to the chimney with me tonight! -Tania Ray.

Daily Mad.

Mad 10 of the week :
1. Tania is a lesbian. (HAHAHAHAH!) :D
2. Jenssen is gay. (Hahahahaaah! Mine funnier! :) )
3. Kay Lin is fat. She is getting fatter. (Omg fat? No. I want her body. She's not fat!!!!!)
4. Pigs have little wings. (Baby, I want a pig!)
5. Britney Spears.....shaved her head bald again! "Oh no no Britney!You can't be bald!!!That's fugly!!!!!"
6. Madonna's partner Jesus Luz dumps HER for Tania Ray!!!!!!!!! ;)
7. Zac Efron marries......Tania Ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. Zoey Matchallawatt has agreed that she, will not be a fan of Tania anymore......? :( Come on Zoey!
9. The grass in Jenssen's garden's in love with Jenssen! No!!!!You can't have grass as partners!!!!!
10. ......Tania is NOT pregnant. That's a true Mad 10. Stop looking at my tummy!I love Xiaxue's header. :)
Thanks you Cherilynn for letting me use your laptop. That does not guarantee you don't owe me RM50!!!!!
I never heard of Xiaxue, honestly. Don't shout, "Wtf???!You don't know Xiaxue?!!She's hot!!!!!!". Yea, someone I would look up to. She's the Singaporean version of Paris Hilton. :)
Ohhhs, and talking about someone telling me that she's hot. I've got something to repeat. To some guys out there; those horny ones : "You think with your penis."

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Someone is really getting me on my nerves. You don't have to pretend to be my friend to know me better. You can just come up to me and go "I want to be your friend; but I hate you." Isn't that better?Calling me a man-eater, childish, a lesbian (just because I kissed a few girlfriends in photos does not make me one), a friggin' bitch,selfish, spoiled,....aren't you any of that?
You don't have to smile at me so sweetly, complimenting me saying I'm hot, pretty while behind me bitch the hell out of me. I have a number of compliments already so get the hell out of my life. ;)
This person, I'm sure, is the one who has left many comments bitching about me here.
Does not mean we're in the same school,does not mean you know me well. :)

Mentos Ad (To Update)

thank you alibaba.com
Before I came to Malaysia, I was in love with these treats; gummy worms, jawbreakers,Reese's, and Smarties. Lols. I used to live in the USA, thank you. :)
When I was 12, my mama's friend introduced me to these. Mentos. Actually, Mentos does exist in the USA but I wasn't introduced to these til now. -.- mama!
I don't want to introduce diabetes to you, but really, these treats are really nice to eat during classes when the lecturer gets boring; as always. Instead of having those assam or some sour treat, Mentos is a better choice as it is tasty (TASTY!), safe (So far no one choked on Mentos; excuse babies), cheap (RM1.20?!Omg!), and they come in gum form or chewable form. :)
I am actually asked to post a photo (HOT photo) of myself eating Mentos, but since my camera is not working, too bad. Don't miss me! :)
So, that's it?! Now Cherilynn; where's my RM50? You promised me that if I took your dare in advertising this sweet! :)
Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh darling Cherilynnnn..... :D

Updated : This is unfair! I need to get 150 comments from people to get RM50?!How could you...Cherilynn! :( I've wasted sweat and blood over this! You should know I've burned many calories of fat by typing......OHHH did I say CALORIES OF FAT?! WOOOOOTSSS!Give me more dares Cherilynn! Note the RM50!!!!!!!

Oh my darlin' oh my darlin' ,
Oh my darlin' Cherilynn...
You owe me 50, for the Mentos ad,
If you don't pay; You'll be sorry, Cherilynn....

Who Says Halters Are Not Hot?!

I hate you, people who hate halters. You make them (halters) sad.
Here's a convo between my first cute pretty purple halter and the black gorg sexy halter :
Cute Purple Halter (CPH) : Omg, them f**kers don't like me. (cries)
Black Gorg Sexy Halter (BGSH) : I know! Let's show them what we got.
CPH : Let's created a "Love Me Halter" club.
BGSH : ...and Not invite them haters!
CPH and BGSH then planned their halter club; it is a success. :)

Lame story I know. Any better ones? :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Missing My Baby

Living in PJ for the moment. Thanks to the university college I'm going to. Living in my aunt's house. As baby is staying in KL, he has to wake up really early in the morning in the weekends to come see me. :) Miss you baby!
Went to Sunway Pyramid to shop after classes. Harriet, YuLin and I had fun browsing through shops. Didn't buy much though. :(
Spent most of my free time not studying, but dating. My baby came all the way to be with me. He has term break. Missed him. ;(

Aunty Amelie bought me a cute halter neck top! Jersey material, woootiies! Stretchable materials are for me! :D Best of it all, it is BLACK! I love black. It makes a girl hot! :)
I hate college days. It makes any girl, or boy, busy. Too much things to do. So little time.
Daddy and mummy came all the way from KL with sis and bro. And Jenssen. Jenssen's mum and dad couldn't make it as they have things to do. :( Miss you, Uncle Henry and Aunty Elisabeth!
More updates on Zac and Vanessa soon! I can't believe I'm into this! My groom to be is running away from my arms to Vanessa! Someone get me a horse so I can run after him as well! :) Omg. Jenssen don't kill me. Love you baby.

I Don't Have To Be Insane To Know

Baby called. Informing me a bunch of high school idiots. Friends of mine. That I am a biatch for "faking a pregnancy". Hahahahah! I? Fake a pregnancy? :)
So what, if I want attention? Am I going to give you an economy downturn? To confirm the case : Jenssen asked me to tell you I am NOT preggers. ;)
So you. The one who's been spamming my blog. Think I don't know who you are? :)

Engaged To Break Up?!

Ok, I know Kay Lin and Aimee would just laugh at me. Olivia too. They would be wondering, "What the hell is going on with Tania Ray?!High school musical mania?!" Lols. Yes! ..and NO. Why would I be so over Zac and Vanessa's engagement?! It's not my fault that hottie came about when he was shooting High School Musical 1; it was HIS fault for appearing in TV. Omg he's just HOT! ..STOP THAT TANIA!
Well, anyway, thanks to Mich for reading my blog, she messaged me this morning (MESSAGED ME; to talk about Zac and Vanessa!) saying she heard from Richard Reed in Hitz.fm about Zac being undecided if they should break up, or NOT! Omgggg! Pick me Zac! Pick me! :) :)
Wells, Mich could not remember the reason why (MICHELLE THIS IS IMPORTANT, HOW COULD YOU NOT REMEMBER?!), so I guess the reason why, was because..he found ME! ME Tania Ray! :D
Anyway, Heather you should not say Zac is ugly. He is so not fugly! :(
Anyone knows the reason why? :) Lols.
Oh ohhh Zacky Zacky.....I LOVE YOU! PICK ME! :D

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Zanessa Engaged?!

No!This can't be! Nooooosss! :(
Zac can't be engaged! Sexy Zac can't be engaged! Go away Vanessa!
Hot Zac and ... Vanessa.

Jenssen and ME! We're better. ;)
Omg you're so cute you can't get engaged! I'm a year younger than you! Pick me, Zac! I'll do better than Vanessa. Tania! Pick Tania! ;)


My name is Tania Ray Ong-Ch'ng Yvonne. It's suppose to be Ee Vonne. But I think Yvonne sounds nicer. Thanks to my mum and dad. Mum's a Chinese, dad's American. :) Thanks to them, I am hot!
Jenssen's name is Jenssen Yeoh. (Guess his last name!:) )
I've been thinking the name of our babies. One will be called..
Jeshua Yeoh-Ong-Ch'ng Lee Hon
Omf Jenssen! I don't want my Ong-Ch'ng to be included in our baby's certificate! Poor baby of mine. Imagine him going to school on the first day. The teacher asks him to stand, and introduce himself. My baby boy will say, "My name is Jeshua Yeoh? Ong? Ch'ng? Lee Hom.." (Class stares at him) Poor poor baby. "Lee Hon..sorry. I thought Lee Hom is cute." Omf my baby's gay!
I suggested,
Jeshua Yeoh Lee Hon
Like all my normal friends. Special people have to be modest. ;)
Lee Hom is my friend Kay Lin's favo singer at the moment. I like too! Look at his abs! :D
Loving Justin and Ciara's Love, Sex and Magic! Oohs...

...continuation of me pregnant. I am NOT pregnant. Who the f*** started this rumour? Damn. :) Jenssen said people were giving him stares. Hah! :) Naughty boy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Omg Is She Insane?!

So what if I went out with my boyfriend?! Is she insane? Jenssen's my baby. She was my best friend. Don't tell me what to do 'cause I am not giving a damn thing about it. :(
Been busy with crazy Jenssen. I'm getting pregnant. :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Hubby Jenssen wants to take me somewhere. :)
I love him! ;)
Went on a Gucci shopping spree. Omg!
Oh yea, HuiLing told me to write this :
Online shopping scare!
Yes. HuiLing got cheated by a blogshop owner. This (Names should not be written here) owner asked her to transfer RM70 into her bank account. (Woot! Amount of clothes worth RM70) HuiLing did. The owner said she will send her her clothes as soon as possible. It has been a month now. The owner did not reply her emails or messages. HuiLing asks us to be careful of who we deal with online.
Comments! Comments! If you disagree with me, keep on commenting! I have the freedom of speech, peoples! :)

So yes, before you press any button, think twice. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Babes

Cools. Girls. Let's do one account too!

Halter Necks!

Boys don't read; unless you are gay. :)

Babes! ..and Gays!
Tania would love to tell you that.

Halter Necks are HOT! Hot!
I fell in love with the bareback ones too! ;)
So go girls, get one halter neck now!
They are classy AND sexy!

Love Jamie!

Mr Jamie Lee is back from Mexico. Pork flu free!
He bought Kay Lin and I gorg shoes and clothes! I love halter necks now! They make any woman shine! ;)
We love you Jamie!
:) Will post pictures of the tops (HALTER NECK) and shoes soon!

Oh yes, girls. Halter tops make ANY girl pretty! You can never go wrong.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tania Is Going To College!

I am 19 and I'm rotting. Damn you Jennifer for introducing me games like WoW and Maple. Damn you Jenssen baby for supporting Jennifer. Both Jenns. One my boyfriend. One best friend.
And damn you Kay Lin for doing your second year already in college while your dahling best friend here is feeding on computer games and viruses.
Jenssen baby said I'm becoming a boy. Oh I'm a boy! :)
Jenssen must be gay. Oh. No. How. Could. You. Jen. :(
I used to hate WoW but it's kind of nice? Strategy much? :)))))
I hate DOTA.


Demi and I were filling in college applicants. When this boy passes by. Oh . My.Hot.
We were in Coffee Bean, if you want to know. Krispy Kreme's here. Oh yes. :)
Times Square, I'm coming for you!
I'll be busy as I battle in WoW and Maple (Lols) and battle to enter colleges. In the USA.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bond. Tania Bond.

Greeeetings everyone. Or everything. :)
Tania is back on Earth after a wonderful 007 mission which made everyone love her.
Tania will continue blogging ;
Unless, Mr Bond wants her to replace him. Again.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Yeah. He's cute. But he had sex with 30 women? Damn! What a loss! :)
Read this.
Boys, stay good.
Imagines a fucker being a woman and being fucked all over by 30 men. ;)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Free Handbags?

I was bored; as usual. Went online. Saw this website. Free bags! ;)
I wanted to join that 'free handbag' spree. Jenssen called. That darling of mine told me I can get free handbags whenever I want! Supplier? You asked. ;)

Ooooooooh baby baby you're the best!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


..Of whoever is near you now.
Because today's April Fools Day!
Thanks brother, for being the first to trick me. Oh I'm so proud. Stella and I are the first people on Earth to be tricked by our older brother, Bryan. I'm so proud, Bry, that you came back from Singapore just to trick us! :)
Everyone has an April Fools story. I have a lot of them. One worst April Fools joke was from my ex. He called 12AM in the morning to tell me, "Baby, we're breaking up."
I cried my eyes out ; didn't eat the whole day. He never told me why we broke up. The next day, I recieve another call from him. "Hi baby. How's your day?" I was shocked. Didn't we broke up?
"Owh, yes baby. Yesterday was April Fools Day!" Omg! I wanna kill the hell outta ya! This is the worst. Joke. Ever. He caused me not to eat or sleep properly the whole day.
Jenssen baby, you better not do this! I have other naughty plans tonight! :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Family

Jenssen and Tania are boring people.
When they are alone at home, they play their favorite games. Happy Family's one of them.
Unlike the real "Happy Family", Jenssen and me played with dolls. Yes, dolls. Perfectly still dolls.
As I was playing with my baby boy, my phone rang. Kay Lin. She needs to talk. Over someone. Someone we might and might not like. A wonnabe. :)
So we were talking. When Jenssen choked our baby with too much milk. Don't worry. Fake baby. Too much milk. Wonder what kind of doll takes in too much milk? This one. My little sister got it from America. Oh she's so fuggin kill me!
Ok, back to wonnabe. It seem she's so desperate she's trying out fag. Here's something wonnabes would do :
- Sex (X)
- Fags (X)
- Drugs (X)
- Little clothes (They shop in baby shops) (X)
- Too much make up (X)
-Follows their friends (X)
How original.
"Men are desperate for sex. Women would give sex because they are desperate for love, thinking sex is the only way to get a man's love." -Kimberly.
Yes, babes. So get a man who loves you for who you are. Not for sex.
Thanks Kay Lin for the advice.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Edison What?

Warning to all Edison Chen fans :

He Fucks!
He fucked so many women.
Gillian, Bobo,...wtf?!
Jamie just forwarded the news to me. I have read in newspapers before. My friend from Canada told me about it too.
Dare you like him still, Tina?!
It's fucking sick you Edison for taking pictures with women or videos when having sex with them.
On another note, people think American Malaysians like me don't mind having sex with many people before marriage. What are you Asians thinking?! Of course we mind!
It's fucking fun when you talk about it, but it's fucking painful when you actually do it.
Anyway, fuck Edison!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fan Taz Sii

I can't think of a title. Lols.
Just realised my friends were sharing a blogger profile. Great idea, babes!
Saw Tina's new hair cut. Short hair (bob) especially is IN! They just make any girl look young ;)
I think I should get one too! ;)
Dad's thinking of registering me for some program in USA. Should I?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Yours

Had a wonderful time in Singapore, I know.
Jenssen and I bought little sweets for our friends and loved ones. ;) It's great going to a holiday with him. We had our little fights; but everything's alright.
Before I continue irritating you readers with my rubbish,
Earth Hour is next week!;)
Kay Lin and I are going to have our first Earth Hour! Wootiess! Join us, babes? ;)
Dudes you can too. :)
I can't believe I am doing this. It's the Earth, but a person like me, someone who hates the environment so much, she uses air-cond and water everyday like it's free, is doing something to save the earth. Not bad. Jenssen, baby be proud! ;)

Sex Objects
I would not want a boy who's dirty and excited all the time. Girls should know what I mean. Boys who think of girls as sex objects. Here's the story ;
My friend Cheng Mei* (names changed for privacy) has a boyfriend who's name is Kelvenn (REAL name; I hate you bastard). Cheng Mei has been loyal to Kelvenn all her life.
One day, Kelvenn asked Cheng Mei to have sex with him; something she does not like. That bastard went ,"If you love me, you will do it with me." So, Cheng Mei agreed. Poor girl. She was so scared she might just lose him she did it with him.
They may be like any couple who has done sex before, but Kelvenn's wanting for sex grew more each day. He started abusing Cheng Mei, asking her to do it with him everyday. Hey. Friggin bastard! Who the heck do you think you are doing this to Cheng Mei?!!!!!
Cheng Mei, knowing how painful it is giving off her virginity to the one she hopes she will marry some day; disagrees. Sex may seem fun and harmless when you're a virgin, but after having it, it's rather different. You will feel insecure. You will be scared every day; hoping he will love you more. Or she.
Here's what the friggin bastard did; he asked Cheng Mei's best friend to have sex with him. Like, wtf? Cheating on your girlfriend now?! I will cut your penis if I have a knife now! It was lucky Cheng Mei's best friend disagreed and told Cheng Mei about it. Cheng Mei was mad, of course, but she did not have the heart to do anything. She told me the story and I could not shut up any further. This is what I did; call Kelvenn.

Our conversation :
Kelvenn : Hello?
Tania : Hi, Kelvenn! Or can I say, sex desperado?
Kelvenn : Who are you?
Tania : Just a prostitute looking for love.
Kelvenn : Oh. How did you get my number?
Tania : I was desperate for boys. But I decided to marry the one I'm going to have sex with. Can you be the one?
Kelvenn : I...I..You..I'm sorry. I can't. I want sex though.
Tania : Oh too bad. Did I tell you I saw you naked too one day?
Kelvenn : Wtf? Where?
Tania : In your bathroom? I spied. You have an ugly butt.
Kelvenn : F.. you!
Tania : I saw your penis. It's going to die soon, I see.
Kelvenn : Die soon?
Tania : Yeah? I observe boys. I can tell.
Kelvenn : Why? No sex?
Tania : No, this kind of penis is normal if you have sex with many girls at once. Your penis is going to die once you cheat on your girlfriend. It does happen to many boys. Do you have a girlfriend?
Kelvenn : I...I....I do. How you know this?
Tania : I am a prostitute; how do I not know? Many boys are stupid. They come just to have fun. But they never realise how ugly their penises would be when they cheat. Or, say, have sex with more than 5 girls? Your organs have feelings too.
Kelvenn : Shuts the phone.
Hahas! Best ever! Your penis is going to die once you cheat on your girlfriend. :)
If you boys wonder if this is true or not, I don't really know. But I have heard of this before. No not grandma's story. Girls, and boys, if you want to help spread the message about staying loyal to one partner and IF you have experienced this before, (even if you have not, you can still help :) ) please post part of this post in your blog. Or message. Spread the message. Women are not sex toys.
Women have their rights too, so be a gentleman and do the right thing.
If you are wondering what happen to Cheng Mei and Kelvenn, they are still together; because she has given her virginity to him. Kelvenn still does not know who the "pros" was. Lols. I hope Kelvenn has learnt a good lesson in this. If not, I hope your penis dies.
Attn : Cheng Mei is not the real name of the person. I do not like it if you ask me who she is. Thank you.
Boys, respect and love your girlfriends. Love them forever. ;)
Girls, you too!
I know lah International Women's Day is over. But this does not mean you must stop protecting Women's RIGHTS. :)

Happy Birthday, Polyn!
You're 20 now!
Sorry for the messy cake face you got last year. I'll promise you make you look prettier with cake this time. :)
Oh. Kang Jun Likes You!
It's funny. But this is what you read this blog for. Not the sex story. But the Kang Jun story. He likes you, babe. You should go for it. ;)
This crazy lame proposal is made for Kang Jun for Polyn Teo. Say Yesss! You want to. ;P
Isn't this romantic? :)
" Polyn is pretty, crazy, nice, smart, and the kindest girl I know. She can be crazy but she makes you respect her as well. I'll do anything if I were her boyfriend. I love you, Lyn. You may say you are ugly to me all the time, but I don't care. Because to me, the people who call you ugly are blind and you are forever pretty to me. "
This is what a boy should do. ;)
Say yessss Polyn! I am waiting for your call.... :)

Ah. Stops here. Me issss waiting for good newss! Shit. I should stop mixing with Bernice if I don't want to go,
"Me misssss me baby. I is happy. "
Ya. I is going to stop now. Thanks, Ber.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Best Thing In The World Is..

Pregnancy Protections! You know ; birth preventions! :)
No I'm crazy it's not. The best thing in the world at the moment now is ME! Yes, Tania! :)
No no it's something else! Look at the picture!Thank you internet! :)
No not the best thing yet. ;)
I'm going to get an LV bag! Something like the one in the picture! Baby promised to get it for me for being a good girl; not cursing and swearing anymore. :)
I hate big bags, I think they are horrible. Hard to carry. Hurts your shoulders in fact. I like classy small bags, but who cares this time because baby is going to get this bag for me! I don't have to pay at all! Love you baby! ;)
Save me thousands to get one! I love you baby! I love you I love you!
Omg I am so crazy I am screaming like an irritating kid now! I hate kids, but who cares? I will hug one when I get this bag! This is how happy I am now! Happy me!
Even if a kid screams and laughs at me now I will kiss that kid!
I love you Jenssen baby! Baby I love you!
Muacks muacks!
Ooooooh can't wait for next week! I'm going to get my bag! Jenssen's sister bought it for him for me from Hong Kong! 'Cause I couldn't find it here. :( Jenssen baby got it for me! I love you!

Don't Try

Eat me and I will eat you back.
Don't insult me and then follow me bitch. Because people will know I am the one making the real deal. :)
Some "smart ass", Han June* just insulted me. My hair, clothes, everything. Said I'm a show off. So what? Then she starts dressing like me. She listens to her boyfriend like a servant. She follows all her friends. Dare she insult me? You may be from SSJ5 but I don't care. How great can you be Han June? Tell me. I know you're one of the makers of that website "Deep Dark Lies".
Thank you for that post about me : link : which was deleted because people love me. Not you. :)
I don't understand you Gossip Girls fans! What's so nice about that show? Since that show was on air, every girl I know wants to be a GGD (Gossip Girls Desperate). I've watched the show and what's so interesting?
I gossip a lot; but I hate Gossip Girls.
If you are a GGD, stop using XOXO to me! It's f-king irritating! :(
(I've cut down swearing because Jenssen does not want me to. Thank you baby) :)

Back From SG!

I'm back! From Mreeeowww-Pore! :)
It's been a crazy trip. Got my sexy shoes. From Chloe. They are so pretty!
Will update with more crazy news on my trip soon! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Simply Love;

Jenssen is back from Singapore; and going back to Singapore with me again. :)
I'm going to bring as much money as could to buy what I want :
A Kipling bag for college.
Something LV; I love LV!
Have been busy in days so will update with more soon.
Leaving to Singapore tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Would Love To!

Dad is the best! He gives me what I want;
If you have read my post yesterday, you should know how happy I was. No, I'm not pregnant.
Dad bought me tickets (Waves at Kay Lin the tickets); TWO tickets; one for me, one for Jenssen. Yesss, baby and I are going shopping in Singapore! For how many days? You'll know soon. ;)
I'm leaving this Saturday. Packing the stuff now. Jenssen is excited as well. He just came back from Singapore; and he's going back again! :)
This time it's with me. We'll have fun together! ;)
Ok I gotta go pack some more now. Need to buy stuff for the trip. Wait for souvenirs soon!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hot And Leaving

Who? Where? Dad finally bought me tickets to Singapore. Yes, Singapore! He gave Jenssen a ticket too; to accompany me on my shopping! ;)
I love you, Dadddd! :)
Finally bored-out Tania is off to somewhere again!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Can't Choose!

Which is my potential husband?
This skin or this? Or this?!
I need you to help me I need you to help me I want you to help me!
Credits to Skins-Haven.

I Want To Get Married!

Hot, gorgeous, tanned, sexy 20 year old woman looking for love. She's smart, 100% pretty, speaks fluent English, French and German. She has a huge ass to love and big boobs. She's hot. ;)
That's me! :)

Hahahahahahah any available ones for me? I don't want old men. Eww!
"Men look for great boobs. Women look for great hearts."
When I read this in a book, I was thinking, "What the fuck is this?" Are men so stupid these days? I used to think of this as a practical joke but after letting my boobs being touched by a man all over (a BOY actually) when I was 14, I cannot imagine life already! Yeah, surprise! I'm wild, I know. But after getting through a lot, I feel more mature now. (Sees Kay Lin and baby laughing their asses off)
I was at a club, drunk. This fucker by the name of Sam took me there. We were a couple at that time. He wanted sex. I wasn't ready yet. So when I was drunk, that fucker touched me all over. What the heck do you want bastard? I know I have boobs and you don't. So just stay away dude!

Embarressing story but I don't friggin care. I could have said many other swear words but I just could not hold back my anger and sadness at that time. When many are in love and in desperation in losing their virginity, I don't want to. I have my limits, just so you know. I want a man who can treat me sexy and also give me the right amount of respect he should. I'm happy I met Jenssen. ;)

Friday, February 27, 2009

I Tag You!

This is going to be an updated tag (You'll know why later) :
Name : Tania Ray (Oh you mean FULL name?) Tania Ray-Ong (Damn! I forgot my Chinese name. Have to ask mum.) Oh I know. Ch'ng Yvonne. Ch'ng comes from mum.

Age : 19 this year. 20 this (guess my birthday!)

Single/In A Relationship/Married/Domestic : Uh, single! (Jenssen stares at me with the "I will kill you if you say that again!" face) No, no, in a relationship with Brad Pitt! (Jenssen's ready to attack!) No! Married to..Je..Jennifer Aniston!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!Ok; I'm in a relationship with Jenssen. Happy now? (Sees Jenssen clapping his hands with joy) ;)

Fav Number : 7! :)

Shopping/Sleeping : Cooking! ....No, that's not in the list! Uh shopping! Prada, Mama's here! ;)
I tag and why :
1. Jamie Yeo for being a crazy psychic and best bud!
2. Scarlette for being my girlf since 5, or 6, or 7? I can't remember, Scarrr!
3. Kay Lin for being a matie! Ahoy, darling! ;)
4. Jenssen for being my driver/shopping-bag carrier......boyfriend! Hahahahah yes you are my everything!;)
5. Timothy for being my "tukau" driver all this while. I know what tukau means alright! Don't ask me to repeat the word tukau in front of you! I don't want pig-dogs like you to laugh at me! Tukau means pig-dog right? Chinese people are really funny. I'm half of them. :D
6. Olivia for being my wonderful girlfriend. :)
7. Tina for being crazy and kind.
8. Henry for being the noisiest bastard you can be! Don't shut up!
9. Kimmy for the help all the while. Love you, babe!
10. Jocelyn from Skins Haven; thanks for your help on the skins; I think I do know a little on applying them but I can't decide on which skin is better! Don't mind doing this tag babe! :D

What would you do if :
1 and 8 are dating : He'd be too young for her. :)

4 and 5 are getting married : Hahahahahah gay wedding! I'd love to see one! Wait a minute, 4?Fuck! I'll be the 3rd party for this wedding! No! Wedding canceled! ;)

7 and 10 are dating : They don't even know each other; I think. Must ask 10.

2 and 9 are getting engaged : Lesbos! I'd be the one encouraging them! No I'm kidding! Keith will kill me!

3 and 5 are dating : But they hate each other....Well, at least, for now. Probably going to be a good match. ;)

6 and 8 are life-partners : Omg Henry I'll crash your wedding! I want to be the life-partner for Olivia!

What if :
4 is your neighbour : Wooties! I'll stalk him daily!

10 is your housemate : I don't know 10 actually. She's helpful though. So...it'll be cool. :)

9 is your sister's boyfriend : Lesbo! That's just friggin' mad!

1 is on a date and you're there too : I will stalk her! I'm mad to see her boyfriend! Heard he's hot!

3 is your brother's girlfriend : My mate with my brother? That's weird to see! But it will be cool. :)

How do you know :
2 : My best bud! Since 5 ; 6 ; 7! Both of our parents are friends and we've been playing Power Rangers since we are 5 ; 6; 7! Both of us were bred in Kuala Lumpur until we were 9 then she leaves to Singapore and I, to the United States of Obama! I came back to Kuala Lumpur when I was 15 but she remains in Singapore. :( We're still keeping in touch though! ;)

1 : My friend from Penang! Introduced by another friend from Penang. Her name was Caryn. Caryn, hellos! I miss Penang!

4 : I stalked him all the way! No fuck! We were in the same international school. We will always be together, darling! Kisses!

5 : Oh the char koay teow seller! Hahahahahah no I knew him through Jenssen. :)

I'm finally done with this tag. Thanks Kyle for tagging me. Although I didn't link you....yet. Lols.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I want to go for a tanning session;
Any ideas of what salon?
Thanks! ;)

Updates in Tania World : Kay Lin is finally free from her upsets on what she bought online! She called me and we went for a girly shopping trip to Suria KLCC! *Oh, and we saw a hottie; Kay Kay like! ;)
Jenssen is coming back home! Hello, baby! I love you and I miss you so much! ;)
Olivia is here for a holiday! (A one-month holiday; if you Oli-lovers MUST know! ;) ) So more shopping for you and me, babe? :) She's here for a month 'cause she has nothing to do in her hometown is Indonesia.
Timothy is free from his exams! Yesssss I know how you feel Tim! :D Let's party! Bottoms up!
Kent Wong is back from Pahang! Hellos, Kent! You owe me a delicious meal! :P
Scarlette is here from Singapore! Miss my girlf! Knew her since we were, ..what?Five? :) Can't wait to see you! Hope you brought Keith along! ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hot And Cold

Kay Lin's pretty annoyed over the questions she recieved from you about her online shopping. Sorry Kay Lin! If you want to know more, just read this. Enough questions already! Put the blame on me.

Today isn't that boring. Darling Jenssen called me all the way from Singapore. I love you baby. ;)
Olivia, Tina, Timothy and Patricia came over and took me out! Thanks for answering the call of boredom! Finally the desperate housewife is out of the house!
We went to Sunway Pyramid. Such a long drive. But Timothy said, "With me around, we can go anywhere!" Yeah. Anywhere. Is USA possible?
We went to Malacca once. To eat chicken rice balls. Yes, VERY BIG THING indeed!
But it was a fun trip.

I shopped and shopped in Sunway! It was fun trying out different kinds of clothes! :) I saw this picture (picture above) in a website, and I think it's cool! Should I do something like this?
I want to dye my hair 'cause I think it's cool. Black is boring! :(

Please leave comments, peeps! I need suggestions here! ;)
Thank you, Jocelyn; the girlfriend of Skin Haven's website! Would like to apologise for the trouble made. I am going to try my new skin out with your help! :)
Grrrr, Jamie!

Love My Baby

Yes, many of you have been asking why did I call my baby Jenssen "Jedsen". No, it's not another boy. It's Jenssen. He was in his college, Sunway University College when one of his teachers read his name. Instead of calling him Jenssen, he called him Jedsen. Like, it's so different? >:/ Blind teacher.
So after that, his classmates start to call him "Jedsen" instead of Jenssen. And being the loving girlfriend I am, I called him Jedsen too. Just to make him mad.
Don't be mad, baby. I still love you. :)

I Need A Dye

I'm bored sick at home. KL is a wonderful place to shop; thankfully.
I think Kay Lin and Patricia's still busy with their stuff. Sorry Kay Lin for your online misfortune. Sorry Pat for the spamming of your blog.
If you don't know what's the matter, do ask me. :)
Now everybody has black hair. Me too! ;) But aren't you sick of black hair?
Jenssen said I looked hot with black hair. I want to dye it.
Any colors? Green? Red? Brown? Orange?
Mama's gonna bring me to the salon soon. I can't decide on what color to dye.
They say blonds have more fun. But I'm tanned; blond would look weird on me.
Hmmm.. purple's hot, isn't it? Kay Lin, or anyone, if you are reading this, please suggest a color for me! DON'T suggest pink/white/silver/grey/black, cause they're fugly. :)
I need to go to Sunway too! Cousin Edna's back! Miss you darling!
Will update soon!

I Need To Ask A Question..

Why do Malaysians use the word "lah" so often? Don't they get bored?
Like, I want to eat this lah! You so ugly lah! He so orange lah!
Can't you all get sick of lahs?
I moved to the USA before coming back to Malaysia and the kids here are all "lahs!"
I like Malaysian food though. Foodie me. :)
Kuala Lumpur is a great place to stay. 'Cause I live there.
Anyway thanks Jamie for introducing me to some skin websites!
I'll kiss you when I see you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

SHORTY Updates

Jenssen baby is in Singapore. Urgent. :(
Miss my baby.
Kay Lin's still very unhappy with her online shopping goods.
Cheer up, Kay! I'll bring you to reality shopping! :)
And Queen Tania is bored here.
Olivia's busy with her new doggie too. :(
Somebody suggest something! ;)
Ooh, and I want a new skin for my boring black blog! ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Is She.. ?

Someboday getta meea stylishhh!
Taniaaaa is dying here. :(
Woo hoo :(
Yes, Jed baby. You girlfy/wife/hottest one is dying here.
Outta what you say? Boredom!
I want to be like Kay Lin. So free and fun. Can?
No, I am fun! Like hullos? ;)
I've got things to do; Olivia and Kay Lin wants me to go to Singapore with them on a road trip. :)
Me happy! Clap hands for me pleasseee? :)
I know you're jealous because I me, am such a cutie!
Cutie with a bootie.
That's me! ;)
Some mad woman came and commented on me.
"Stop being so vain. Just because you came from the West doesn't mean you have the rights to act like one here. "
Stop being so close minded you stinky poop!
Who are you? An arse?
It's up to mua if I want to act that way in public. This is a free country!
I don't give a fuck about you!





Get a life, lady!
Enough of that! Seriously fucking mad!
I may sound like I'm perfect but I am not.

Anyway Kay Lin and Timothy asked me to switch my skin. I need some skin helper pleaseee?
I love you!

The Pros and Cons Of Online Shopping

Kay Lin just ordered something from some shop. Ha! For me? No? :(
Kay was sad when she recieved it. Not the right color. Not the right amount of change back.
See?? Kay I was right!
I'm feeling so bored out today so I shall give opinions on my pros and cons of online shopping.
Xiaxue once wrote in her blog that online shopping sells cheap stuff, etc.
Yes, true. For me, a big Versace fan. :)
The photos on some shops aren't the same color as the real ones.
Some shops sell stuff much cheaper/more expensive than other shops. Cheaper is good; expensive isn't. I still prefer my MNGs and Topshops, not some online junk.
Many of the clothes sold are made of cheaper quality material; no quality.
I don't know, Kay, but I prefer to do my own reality shopping? You know? Lols.
You know I still love you Kay! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Want To Be

..Like a superstar!
If you are kind enough, can you tell me which course is better?
SAM in Taylor's cause mom and pops want me to go to Australia. :)
The One Academy 'cause I love painting! ;)

Thank you for the suggestions! :)


Remember the blog where I told you about? The one bitching about girls? That blog is, jumping up and down; deleted. :)
See what I told you about this? Serves you right. The blog's name : Deep Dark Lies. It's filled with naughty details of KL girls. I saw another blog too. Kay Lin knows a girl from that blog. She's pretty. All fake facts about her in it. I think it's deleted too. About Penang girls. Behind Those Faces I think, or whatever. I've been through this when I was in the US. Some nasty bitch from my school posted up a website about me. Saying I'm too wannabe and all. >:(
So what, if I dress my way? I don't have to dress like a prostitute like you, Chantelle! Oh well. You can't see my blog ooh no cause you're in the US? Or 'cause you are in jail now for drunk driving? So sad. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oooh La Love!

This is an advertisement. :)Love. Yourself. This. Valentine's.
Happy Valentine's day, people!
More hearts and roses!
And all the single ladies put your hands up!
Happy Valentine's Day to you too Jedsen baby ;)

Freedom Of Love

First, don't try to understand my title. :)

I'm pretty happy/proud/hot with myself nowadays.
My baby Jedsen did me proud. ;)
He brought me to this fancy restuarant near the Damansara area. ;D
Took lots of photos. I know you're lucky you have a goddess like me. Hahah! Ignore this part.
Before the romantic dinner, he brought me to a nearby shopping mall for a movie! We wanted to watch Bride Wars, since I haven't seen this yet. Time didn't match; and there's only two choices. :( Jed wanted to watch Valkyrie, or the Pink Panther. -.- I wanted to watch a romantic movie!
Jed says we should watch movies like Valkyrie or Eden Lake or something bah I don't understand Chinese 'cause he wants me to hug him whenever a horror scene shows up. Aww! But that still won't change me mind. I don't care if it's a Chinese or Malay or Tamil movie; I will still go for a romantic one! Slumdog Millionaire's a good choice; but.. I still want a movie base fully on love! So,..
This is what we chose. :)

Yes. This is what we chose. I am not kidding. Like duh! Stop laughing Kay Lin; I'll smack you if you do! I know I'm that desperate, but who cares. They have subtitles too thank you! ;)
It was ok; quite good. :) That girl in the film; what's her name, oh yeah Szu Chee, eh no Shu Qi! Yes, Shu Qi's quite good in acting, although the guy's too old for her. Sorry Tze Wei for that. I know you have the hots for Andy Low, but I don't care! ;P
So here I continue, after the dinner, Jed brought me to a walk in the garden near my house. What a romantic one! ;)
He gave me roses too! Thanks babyyyyyyyy!
Happy Valentine's day all you happy and not happy single and in a relationship people!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Somebody please help me please please please. :(
I have so many assignments to do I can't take it already. :O
Yes many assignments and I still have time for blogging. Shit. Must have been crazy already. My mom gave me another assignment anyway. Room cheating! Uh, room cleaning. The error explains how tired and crazy I must be; room cheating. Whoa.
I am a crazy shopaholic if you must know. I shop like a mad woman and I can still be a wonderful girlfriend to Jedsen. :)
Donated a bagful of clothes and jeans and minis if you must know. That shows my willingness to clean the wardrobe. I'm so desperate to fix things up I donated so many clothes. So many mini skirts gone. I think I've grown out of minis already. Still loving hotpants though. ;) Mini skirts are just; gone.
I thought of having a junk sale behind my house; cause that's what my friends and I use to do when we're in the USA. Anyway I don't see any of this in Malaysia, so I think better not. I'm scared the police might come instead and saman me. :/
Oh, and the picture above? Shows how much I donated. I know very black lah and it looks like very little clothes; but it's a lot. Wanted to use my Topshop plastic bags; but they're so pretty! :)
So yesterday I was bored. Dying AND bored. Was going through many blogs of people I don't know of; and saw this blog. Omg it's like a blog criticizing people; mainly girls. Bitches, as what they are called. :( Nabeh these people are just too free I think.
Full pictures of the girls some more! And details about them; bad bad details. Girls as young as 15 but don't look like one; losing their virginity at a young age to boys who are just asses. Losing your virginity to one person is easy; keeping it is a problem. I've had many friends who have lost theirs. I think the owner of that blog's talking shit outta her/his blog. I mean, these girls are pretty. No way they would. But it really reminds me of me and my friends. About losing it. And I almost lost mine. It was til the time I realise virginity's for one person and one person only; I stopped. I cannot tell you who I almost lost mine to, but Jedsen knows. And no, it wasn't Jedsen. Sorry baby.
I've had many friends who happily give away their virginity to the wrong boys; thinking it's cool. It's. Not. Many of them soon regret. Some felt cheap. Some feel like they want to commit suicide. Modern. Really. Not!
So anyway, to the person who created this blog; what goes around comes around. You should not be judging them; you should be looking at yourself first. :)
If I can choose what I want, I don't want to be like some people.
Being a wannabe isn't everything.
Trying to lose it to be cool and hotter among guys is not the thing;
making yourself cheaper and looked down upon IS the thing.
If you think it's fun, think again.
I've heard of many bad ones. :(