Saturday, February 14, 2009

Freedom Of Love

First, don't try to understand my title. :)

I'm pretty happy/proud/hot with myself nowadays.
My baby Jedsen did me proud. ;)
He brought me to this fancy restuarant near the Damansara area. ;D
Took lots of photos. I know you're lucky you have a goddess like me. Hahah! Ignore this part.
Before the romantic dinner, he brought me to a nearby shopping mall for a movie! We wanted to watch Bride Wars, since I haven't seen this yet. Time didn't match; and there's only two choices. :( Jed wanted to watch Valkyrie, or the Pink Panther. -.- I wanted to watch a romantic movie!
Jed says we should watch movies like Valkyrie or Eden Lake or something bah I don't understand Chinese 'cause he wants me to hug him whenever a horror scene shows up. Aww! But that still won't change me mind. I don't care if it's a Chinese or Malay or Tamil movie; I will still go for a romantic one! Slumdog Millionaire's a good choice; but.. I still want a movie base fully on love! So,..
This is what we chose. :)

Yes. This is what we chose. I am not kidding. Like duh! Stop laughing Kay Lin; I'll smack you if you do! I know I'm that desperate, but who cares. They have subtitles too thank you! ;)
It was ok; quite good. :) That girl in the film; what's her name, oh yeah Szu Chee, eh no Shu Qi! Yes, Shu Qi's quite good in acting, although the guy's too old for her. Sorry Tze Wei for that. I know you have the hots for Andy Low, but I don't care! ;P
So here I continue, after the dinner, Jed brought me to a walk in the garden near my house. What a romantic one! ;)
He gave me roses too! Thanks babyyyyyyyy!
Happy Valentine's day all you happy and not happy single and in a relationship people!

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