Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Pros and Cons Of Online Shopping

Kay Lin just ordered something from some shop. Ha! For me? No? :(
Kay was sad when she recieved it. Not the right color. Not the right amount of change back.
See?? Kay I was right!
I'm feeling so bored out today so I shall give opinions on my pros and cons of online shopping.
Xiaxue once wrote in her blog that online shopping sells cheap stuff, etc.
Yes, true. For me, a big Versace fan. :)
The photos on some shops aren't the same color as the real ones.
Some shops sell stuff much cheaper/more expensive than other shops. Cheaper is good; expensive isn't. I still prefer my MNGs and Topshops, not some online junk.
Many of the clothes sold are made of cheaper quality material; no quality.
I don't know, Kay, but I prefer to do my own reality shopping? You know? Lols.
You know I still love you Kay! :)

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