Friday, February 27, 2009

I Tag You!

This is going to be an updated tag (You'll know why later) :
Name : Tania Ray (Oh you mean FULL name?) Tania Ray-Ong (Damn! I forgot my Chinese name. Have to ask mum.) Oh I know. Ch'ng Yvonne. Ch'ng comes from mum.

Age : 19 this year. 20 this (guess my birthday!)

Single/In A Relationship/Married/Domestic : Uh, single! (Jenssen stares at me with the "I will kill you if you say that again!" face) No, no, in a relationship with Brad Pitt! (Jenssen's ready to attack!) No! Married to..Je..Jennifer Aniston!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!Ok; I'm in a relationship with Jenssen. Happy now? (Sees Jenssen clapping his hands with joy) ;)

Fav Number : 7! :)

Shopping/Sleeping : Cooking! ....No, that's not in the list! Uh shopping! Prada, Mama's here! ;)
I tag and why :
1. Jamie Yeo for being a crazy psychic and best bud!
2. Scarlette for being my girlf since 5, or 6, or 7? I can't remember, Scarrr!
3. Kay Lin for being a matie! Ahoy, darling! ;)
4. Jenssen for being my driver/shopping-bag carrier......boyfriend! Hahahahah yes you are my everything!;)
5. Timothy for being my "tukau" driver all this while. I know what tukau means alright! Don't ask me to repeat the word tukau in front of you! I don't want pig-dogs like you to laugh at me! Tukau means pig-dog right? Chinese people are really funny. I'm half of them. :D
6. Olivia for being my wonderful girlfriend. :)
7. Tina for being crazy and kind.
8. Henry for being the noisiest bastard you can be! Don't shut up!
9. Kimmy for the help all the while. Love you, babe!
10. Jocelyn from Skins Haven; thanks for your help on the skins; I think I do know a little on applying them but I can't decide on which skin is better! Don't mind doing this tag babe! :D

What would you do if :
1 and 8 are dating : He'd be too young for her. :)

4 and 5 are getting married : Hahahahahah gay wedding! I'd love to see one! Wait a minute, 4?Fuck! I'll be the 3rd party for this wedding! No! Wedding canceled! ;)

7 and 10 are dating : They don't even know each other; I think. Must ask 10.

2 and 9 are getting engaged : Lesbos! I'd be the one encouraging them! No I'm kidding! Keith will kill me!

3 and 5 are dating : But they hate each other....Well, at least, for now. Probably going to be a good match. ;)

6 and 8 are life-partners : Omg Henry I'll crash your wedding! I want to be the life-partner for Olivia!

What if :
4 is your neighbour : Wooties! I'll stalk him daily!

10 is your housemate : I don't know 10 actually. She's helpful though.'ll be cool. :)

9 is your sister's boyfriend : Lesbo! That's just friggin' mad!

1 is on a date and you're there too : I will stalk her! I'm mad to see her boyfriend! Heard he's hot!

3 is your brother's girlfriend : My mate with my brother? That's weird to see! But it will be cool. :)

How do you know :
2 : My best bud! Since 5 ; 6 ; 7! Both of our parents are friends and we've been playing Power Rangers since we are 5 ; 6; 7! Both of us were bred in Kuala Lumpur until we were 9 then she leaves to Singapore and I, to the United States of Obama! I came back to Kuala Lumpur when I was 15 but she remains in Singapore. :( We're still keeping in touch though! ;)

1 : My friend from Penang! Introduced by another friend from Penang. Her name was Caryn. Caryn, hellos! I miss Penang!

4 : I stalked him all the way! No fuck! We were in the same international school. We will always be together, darling! Kisses!

5 : Oh the char koay teow seller! Hahahahahah no I knew him through Jenssen. :)

I'm finally done with this tag. Thanks Kyle for tagging me. Although I didn't link you....yet. Lols.

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