Saturday, February 21, 2009


Remember the blog where I told you about? The one bitching about girls? That blog is, jumping up and down; deleted. :)
See what I told you about this? Serves you right. The blog's name : Deep Dark Lies. It's filled with naughty details of KL girls. I saw another blog too. Kay Lin knows a girl from that blog. She's pretty. All fake facts about her in it. I think it's deleted too. About Penang girls. Behind Those Faces I think, or whatever. I've been through this when I was in the US. Some nasty bitch from my school posted up a website about me. Saying I'm too wannabe and all. >:(
So what, if I dress my way? I don't have to dress like a prostitute like you, Chantelle! Oh well. You can't see my blog ooh no cause you're in the US? Or 'cause you are in jail now for drunk driving? So sad. :)

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