Thursday, February 26, 2009


I want to go for a tanning session;
Any ideas of what salon?
Thanks! ;)

Updates in Tania World : Kay Lin is finally free from her upsets on what she bought online! She called me and we went for a girly shopping trip to Suria KLCC! *Oh, and we saw a hottie; Kay Kay like! ;)
Jenssen is coming back home! Hello, baby! I love you and I miss you so much! ;)
Olivia is here for a holiday! (A one-month holiday; if you Oli-lovers MUST know! ;) ) So more shopping for you and me, babe? :) She's here for a month 'cause she has nothing to do in her hometown is Indonesia.
Timothy is free from his exams! Yesssss I know how you feel Tim! :D Let's party! Bottoms up!
Kent Wong is back from Pahang! Hellos, Kent! You owe me a delicious meal! :P
Scarlette is here from Singapore! Miss my girlf! Knew her since we were, ..what?Five? :) Can't wait to see you! Hope you brought Keith along! ;)

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