Sunday, September 27, 2009

Megan Fox Is Insecure (Part II)

She is so insecure. Angelina's hotter.

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Sorry, Baby

Have you gotten into a big fight with your boyfriend over an actress? I have.
Megan Fox is hot. Yeah Hot. Bullshit. Is she the hottest actress in the world?
She claims to have a supernatural hold over men. Wtf.
Don't call me a jealous biatch. I do find her hot. I find her hot-ness over-rated.
Girls, you who have been in my situation would really understand how it feels like to have a boyfriend worshipping an actress, not loving and looking at you.
People; no big deal, no? 'Cause any how he worshipped her, he will never be with her, cause she's an actress?!?
"Yes, darling. Why do you call?"
"I miss you..."
"I miss you too...."
(silence for five minutes)
"So, what are you doing right now?"
"Ooooh. She's hot. Huh?..."
"Oh, baby. Googling."
"At who?"
"Megan Fox."
"Oooooohhh I wanna google her too!"
Bloody hell.
Went to see the bf during the weekend. Wanted to suprise him with...who else but mua? ;)
"Hi baby!"
"Oh hey....what are you doing here? Don't you have college?"
"Yeah, I'm coming here to stay for two days. Is that ok with you?"
"Uh, yeah. Sure."
(runs to his room and unpacks bags)
(runs to his laptop and sees what he's doing)
(Megan Fox was the first thing seen. Cries.)
Baby runs back to me, breaking into a sweat.
"Damn you!"
"Megan Fox.....again?! Waturfuck is wrong with you?!??!"
"What's wrong with you?"
"You should be answering me this...."
(pulls him towards the comp screen.)
"Tell me, what have you been doing all day?"
(checks the fucking computer. found pictures of Megan Fox in a folder called "Megan Fox")
"What's this?!!"
"Megan Fox lah! Can't see?!?!"
Few days ago he told me he was so busy with assignments by the lecturer that we can't spend time talking/chatting. I'm here to see him now 'cause I miss him and what I see is him googling Megan Fox. Damn. Wtf.
As expected, weekend stay with the bf didn't turn out well. Fought like hell over Megan Fox. Why?!? Whenever I told him I want to watch TV, he tells me he wants to watch Transformers. Why?!? You can guess. I hugged him and wanted a nice movie. He tells me we should watch this movie called "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People". I agreed, gladly. Only to find Megan Fox inside, causing attention in the movie by walking inside the pond in her evening gown. Wtf.
Can't take it anymore. Took the boyfriend out for a walk. Took his handphone. Saw a message;
To : Andy (017-55*****)
From : Jenssen (012-*******)
Dude, isn't Megan Fox hot?

He is too obsessed with her already. What about me?!?! Never seen him that obsessed with his own girlfriend. Sure, he said I'm hot many times. But does he really mean it? Probably just to make his friends all jealous. But that's all.
Went back after two days.
The thought of breaking up is deep in my mind.
Yeah. I'm mad. But who cares? Do you like it if your boyfriend/girlfriend spends time obsessing over a celebrity that they just can't see you? Do you like it if your boyfriend/girlfriend uses excuses like, "Can't hang out with you, babe. Got important work to do." only to know they are salivating over a celebrity?!!!? Do you like it if your boyfriend/girlfriend gets all sissy and bitchy when you said the celebrity they loved is ugly and would get into a huge fight with you over it?!?!?
I went home and did a research on Megan Fox. I still think Jessica Alba's hotter. She has been acting since young. Whoa. AND NOBODY NOTICED THAT?!?!
Only after transformers, with her hot hot hot hot body, she's only noticable. Poor thing. I'm sure that if she wears granny clothes in Transformers, she would not be as hot as she is now.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Love Scaring People!

Hows peoples goings ons?
Tanias iss doings wells. Shes hopess yous dos wells toos.
I am Merediths. Froms Tanias friends. I stoles hers blogs.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is There Such Thing As The One?!?!?!?

Exhibit : Friend A.
Status : Not available.
Reason : Just broke up with boyfriend of 1 year.
Reason for reason : Long. Distance. Relationship. Wtf.

Exhibit : Friend B.
Status : On-off-on
Reason : Boyfriend cheated. Broke up. Get back. Cheated AGAIN. Broke up. Got back. Never ending.
Reason for reason : Stated in reason.

Exhibit : Friend C.
Status : Just broke up with boyfriend of 8 months.
Reason : LDR. Perfect.
Can anyone just believe that there's such a thing as long distance????!

Exhibit : Friend D.
Status : Broke up with boyfriend. After 4 years.
Reason : Out of anger. Feelings for boyfriend just go away.
Status Now : Regretting.
Wtf?!?!?! I feel feelings do fade in a relationship, but it will come back sooner or later.

Exhibit : Friend E.
Status : Broke up with boyfriend of 5 years.
Reason : She changed for her boyfriend. Into a bitch. Boyfriend got sick of her. Dumped.

Exhibit : Tania Ray Ong.
Status : On-off-on with Jenssen Yeoh.
Reason : Our fightings, quarrelings, me getting caught with another guy dancing in the club, he not replying my messages or calls, etc.
Status Now : Fixing things up.

My conclusion ; Couples do go through any kind of bullshit on and off their relationship.
Exhibits A, B, C,D and E are best friends of mine. Most refused to go out as they feel really upset over their break ups. Me excluded. Jenssen and I are still fine, although we are on-off. I'm speaking on their behalf as I don't understand; is this the period where people break up???!??!?!