Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is There Such Thing As The One?!?!?!?

Exhibit : Friend A.
Status : Not available.
Reason : Just broke up with boyfriend of 1 year.
Reason for reason : Long. Distance. Relationship. Wtf.

Exhibit : Friend B.
Status : On-off-on
Reason : Boyfriend cheated. Broke up. Get back. Cheated AGAIN. Broke up. Got back. Never ending.
Reason for reason : Stated in reason.

Exhibit : Friend C.
Status : Just broke up with boyfriend of 8 months.
Reason : LDR. Perfect.
Can anyone just believe that there's such a thing as long distance????!

Exhibit : Friend D.
Status : Broke up with boyfriend. After 4 years.
Reason : Out of anger. Feelings for boyfriend just go away.
Status Now : Regretting.
Wtf?!?!?! I feel feelings do fade in a relationship, but it will come back sooner or later.

Exhibit : Friend E.
Status : Broke up with boyfriend of 5 years.
Reason : She changed for her boyfriend. Into a bitch. Boyfriend got sick of her. Dumped.

Exhibit : Tania Ray Ong.
Status : On-off-on with Jenssen Yeoh.
Reason : Our fightings, quarrelings, me getting caught with another guy dancing in the club, he not replying my messages or calls, etc.
Status Now : Fixing things up.

My conclusion ; Couples do go through any kind of bullshit on and off their relationship.
Exhibits A, B, C,D and E are best friends of mine. Most refused to go out as they feel really upset over their break ups. Me excluded. Jenssen and I are still fine, although we are on-off. I'm speaking on their behalf as I don't understand; is this the period where people break up???!??!?!


  1. tania, must you write this?!?! in your blog??!?! i am exhibit d right?!?!?

  2. I don't understand your "open-minded"ness. You are pretty...pretty desperate.