Friday, June 5, 2009

The Naked Truth

I will be nice to you if you are nice, to me.
I will be a bitch to you if you are too, a bitch to me.
I will be a great friend and true to you if you are, true to me.
also, I will be very mean to you if you are, mean to me. :)

Note :Pass this if you hate bitchy posts.

I hate bitchy posts. But since someone said I am bitchy, mean, untrue, fake, (baby, SEE THIS) A CHEATER, spoiled, rich with no brains (I got straight As so far, so that makes me more stupid), and a (READ THIS) uncivilised barbarian, let me introduce you the best girl ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .......OR the worst. ;)
Having known her for a year, I am so happy to have met such a wonderful friend like Lina Yeoh. ;) She has such a pretty name, right?Oh I am so right!:)
Lina, like any other girl, is a very religious yet pretty girl. (Boys interested, she only dates boys her own religion! Read my previous posts)Ok, put the religion aside, but that's a true statement. That's what she write often, in her biodata too! Oh, she's single by the way. Pretty too. ;) She's 20 this year, so all you single 20 year old men! Lina Yeoh is available!!!! Omg I'm so proud already I have to continue going....
Lina, is a very nice and a very honest person. Except that when you are someone she does not like, she will not bitch about you to you, she will bitch about you BEHIND YOU. Now that's nice. What a nice girl is she. So understanding.....
I don't want to talk about her personal, love, sex matters, because it's going to be really juicy if I start and I won't stop! :)
She would go clubbing with me and yes, leave the club with a boy!!!!!(Ooooooohhs! I will end that now!)Oh did I tell you she almost got pregnant?They forgot that....Ok I should stop!!!!! Tania is NICE!!!Of course she will stop!!!!!!!
Ok,I will stop after this nice one : She loves to borrow other boys. Those playboys! She says she don't bother unless they are really commited and they are playboys; "its already a reputation!"....SAD, but true.
When we go shopping, she would comment on your dress, saying it's nice, pretty, suits your sexy body. But behind you, she has this book called "Burn Book" (Mean Girls, remember Regina George?) and she will write all about how ugly your dress is in her book; and how bad your taste is. Whoa, Lina, how kind of you. Now we're all written in a BOOK! Our names in a BOOK! We could be famous! Try the TV. :)
She may be your best friend, but behind you, she will write all about you in this Burn Book. She showed me once, and now, oh Lina, I know my name's there! Keep on writing! ;) I love having my name there! The more the better! ;)
I know what are you all curious about in her Burn Book. Here's some :
"She's such a bitchy, f*cking cheap slut. Pretty, but I can't believe she is still loved by Peter."
-Dana; a good friend of mine and also, Peter's loving lady, and no don't worry Dana, I still love you and I won't write bitches about you in some pretty black book!
"Amy's someone I really admire. Pity though, she does not have a boyfriend. Desperate for Harry. Stop her. It's not like he will, like her."
-Amy Neo, is that true? Desperation? I don't think so.
"I have met a few wonderful people in college and Damie Tan is one. Too bad, she isn't pretty. She has a bad voice too. Sounded like chickens. I really wish I could help her get prettier. I know how."
-Damie, she says she knows how to get pretty. Get tips from her then dear. But Tania thinks, you are already pretty. Don't change.
"I really liked her boyfriend. But not her. What a fucked up couple; too bad it's her. Ew!"
-Sonia. I like you, but not your boyfriend. :)
"I love her. She's a best friend of mine. Too bad I have to write about her in my burn book. I can't believe she's so stupid. She does not use her brains at times. I pity her o."
-Jeanette. You are not stupid. Honest.

Ok I don't think I should continue. You should just ask her for the burn book. I swear she will give you. Cherilynn, ask her! Wu Vynn, ask her too! Your names aren't written inside; as far as I remember.....
Lina, posting as different types of people is not the way to make me worse. You think people who hate me only read this blog, but no. Kay Lin is my best friend and she is TRUE. I may vomit at her, shit on her lap or hit her hard, but she still stands by me. You did not. You pretended to be nice to me. Pretended to be my friend. But you bitched much about me. Calling me an uncivilised barbarian. I've checked my IP address ; thanks AngelKein for telling me. I am so clueless! Most of the IP addresses are the same. And you know what Lina? Before we become "better friends" like what we are now, the IP address is the same as those of yours! Comments though, I can't check. But I know they come from you! Come on Lina. I said NO COMMENTS ON THAT POST. WHO ELSE WOULD BEG ME TO DELETE THAT POST IF IT'S NOT ABOUT THEM?!
I shall not give away more. I am finished. Thank you, Lina Yeoh, for being a friend. A friend I thought I could trust. A friend who hates copycats but copies me as well. A friend who thinks she has a great taste in fashion but all the clothes she's wearing now is; so NOT in trend? If you want to be in trend, follow! Don't say empty things! Halters are the trend, follow!>...Oh you are following already! I forgot you copied. :)
I know after this post is posted and read by people, our friendship is going to end. But this is the truth, you love truthful, good, not horny people. You are a GREAT example anyway. I know you said, my deepest darkest secret will be told. Honest, I spent a week not sleeping and just thinking about it. I told Jenssen already. So tell all you want. Jenssen still loves me. Don't add fake stories. I am loyal to Jenssen and that's the truth.
Now my job's done. I can sleep well in peace now.