Saturday, June 6, 2009


I know if I continue with my complaints about Lina the Bitch, people would just start pitying her instead of me. Hah!
Anyway, I was looking at a fashion website; I am Fashion, and I saw this! Pretty pretty halters! :)
Jenssen baby. I want one! :) Get me the pink one. They say; red attracts a boy's attention more. So girls, get more reds! :)
Ah! This is exactly like the one I saw during my shopping trip in Sunway. I wanted to buy this hot dress, but my friend, Cherilynn was running late. She has an appointment with someone. Lols. ;) So yea, I want this dress.
I love the colors black and red. They are sexy. I love this dress from Top Shop. Kate Moss is wearing it. Should I wear this to the prom? Yea, that's why I'm all dressy. I want a dress for prom! My style? Red/black, halter, sexy. Lols. Suggest me. Price between RM200-600. ;)


  1. That seems a bit too short and shiny for prom.

  2. Hahs! Halter shopping? Miss you Tania Mania Zania!

  3. (Jake Lo)
    Hmmm. Yea. True. I want something up to the knee; but not lower than that. Jenssen does not like me dressing short too actually. :) But I don't listen. Hah!
    (Kay Lin)
    Yes. Dress shopping! Miss you too Kay kay!