Friday, June 5, 2009


A letter from darling, all the way to my yahoo mail! ;)

Lina Yeoh
Sent: Saturday, June 6, 2009 12:00:00AM
Subject: remove de post plzzzzz...

Tania darlin,
I think u should delete that post about me.I juz saw it n I never tought it would come frm u. U r a good friendz. Not a barbarian. I regret saying that. I really hopez u can delete that post. I do club. What u say might b true, but u should not post it in public. Okz I know my ex boyfriend, the one u know I luv still, Terry, he readz ur blog. He dint have sex wif me cuz he wants us to b married then u know.....plz tania. this is my privacyz. I dun want my privacy 2 b gone liddat cuz of what u posted. Nobody is perfect.Good friendz should nt do that.They keep secretz, they trust each otherz.U may use 2 b my good friendz, but after what u did,i dont think so. My burn book is still here.I can post it in de internet anytime. Babe, remember ur OTHER secret? ;) Since u told everyonez my secretz, i shall pay u kindness n tell it back. ;) But if u delete tht post, i would remove u frm my burn book n take u as a best friendz again. plz tania....u duno how bad this is has done 2 my privacy. Nobody could b holy all de time.i know some buddhist which r nt holy 2. I am begging u....plz remove de post. Dana, Damie, Amy call me,askin if itz true.c wht u hav done. :(

I woke up and read my emails. Lina sent me two. That wonderful biatch. That's why I love her SO MUCH! :)

Mail no 2. I didn't have time to highlight this one.
From: Lina Yeoh
To: Tania R
Sent: Saturday, June 6, 2009 12:12:13AM
Subject: othr

I will throw away de burn book also if u do tht. i wil stop takin 2nd hand cheap boys also if u do tht. i juz wan my private life back. yesterday at damie's gathering, i went n everyone wz lookin at me. tania......dun do tiz to me.....plz...

2nd hand cheap boys. Hah! Pretty wonderful ey? Second hand cheap boys. Then you are a.......third hand cheap woman. A prost. No? :)

I will go through the emails soon and post them again. Going to call my baby to tell him I'm awake first. Then I will be back to reading these. ;)
Kay Lin, check your handphone! I have important news to you! (It's about the prom! ;) )

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