Monday, June 1, 2009

I Anger

Lindsay Lohan is pregnant! According to a magazine I read, the actress is pregnant with no idea on who the father of her baby is! Omg! Lindsay how could you!?
There are many reasons a person can get angry. I don't care if this issue is controversial, I have to blog about it now. A friend of mine, who is holy and good. Holy and good is a good thing; but is criticizing other religions; THEN trying to convert you into her religion, good? You tell me. I am sick of you criticizing other religions like Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, and Taoism. Best part is, after criticizing all this religions, you're telling me what good has the Buddha taught you. Isn't that the same? You are telling me people of other religions are 'fanatics'. What about you? You are trying to convert me. Isn't it the same. my dear? And what the fuck are you calling free-thinkers; uncivilised barbarians?! I may be one, but you don't have the rights to call me an 'uncivilised barbarian'. To me, the religion is not the problem, it is the person holding the religion which has the problem. You should not hate a religion because someone of that religion has done something wrong to you. They have reasons why they want to tell you about their God; you can't blame them. But you, you are telling me that and you are also doing the same. What difference does it make? What the feck do you want anyway? To tell me the bad things other people of other religions do and then, teaching me about buddhism? I don't care what you people think. I think, it's the person carrying the religion that should hold the blame if he or her sin. Though I am a free-thinker,I have yet to find God. I know there's something, somewhere out there who created us. And I don't fucking care if you insult other religions then try to tell me the good things about YOUR religion. Tell me, Lina. Is this what the Buddha has taught you? If that's the case, I am not interested. Call me uncivilised barbarian. I don't care. If you're trying to convert people, it's fine with me. But insulting other religions FIRST then trying to get me into your's is just not what I need to hear about. End of case. Comments will be deleted about this. It's something I couldn't stand about so I have to blog about it.
I am not insulting any religions, but I hate it when some people do not use their fucking brains properly before saying things; especially controversial and sensitive things.
-Uncivilised barbarian. by Lina.



  2. OMG bitch! Delete it.

  3. i agree with are an uncivilised barbarian.


  5. I said earlier I am going to delete these posts. But you changed my mind. I am not going to block your IP address from my chatbox too. ;)
    Posing as different people has made me lose trust in you as a friend. You dissapoint me. As you dreamed of becoming famous, besides all your judgements and religious teachings, I am going to post a post about you! :) Think nobody reads my blog? Think again! :)

  6. Posing as Anonymous won't help Lina. I lost trust in you as a friend.