Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Can't Choose!

Which is my potential husband?
This skin or this? Or this?!
I need you to help me I need you to help me I want you to help me!
Credits to Skins-Haven.

I Want To Get Married!

Hot, gorgeous, tanned, sexy 20 year old woman looking for love. She's smart, 100% pretty, speaks fluent English, French and German. She has a huge ass to love and big boobs. She's hot. ;)
That's me! :)

Hahahahahahah any available ones for me? I don't want old men. Eww!
"Men look for great boobs. Women look for great hearts."
When I read this in a book, I was thinking, "What the fuck is this?" Are men so stupid these days? I used to think of this as a practical joke but after letting my boobs being touched by a man all over (a BOY actually) when I was 14, I cannot imagine life already! Yeah, surprise! I'm wild, I know. But after getting through a lot, I feel more mature now. (Sees Kay Lin and baby laughing their asses off)
I was at a club, drunk. This fucker by the name of Sam took me there. We were a couple at that time. He wanted sex. I wasn't ready yet. So when I was drunk, that fucker touched me all over. What the heck do you want bastard? I know I have boobs and you don't. So just stay away dude!

Embarressing story but I don't friggin care. I could have said many other swear words but I just could not hold back my anger and sadness at that time. When many are in love and in desperation in losing their virginity, I don't want to. I have my limits, just so you know. I want a man who can treat me sexy and also give me the right amount of respect he should. I'm happy I met Jenssen. ;)

Friday, February 27, 2009

I Tag You!

This is going to be an updated tag (You'll know why later) :
Name : Tania Ray (Oh you mean FULL name?) Tania Ray-Ong (Damn! I forgot my Chinese name. Have to ask mum.) Oh I know. Ch'ng Yvonne. Ch'ng comes from mum.

Age : 19 this year. 20 this (guess my birthday!)

Single/In A Relationship/Married/Domestic : Uh, single! (Jenssen stares at me with the "I will kill you if you say that again!" face) No, no, in a relationship with Brad Pitt! (Jenssen's ready to attack!) No! Married to..Je..Jennifer Aniston!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!Ok; I'm in a relationship with Jenssen. Happy now? (Sees Jenssen clapping his hands with joy) ;)

Fav Number : 7! :)

Shopping/Sleeping : Cooking! ....No, that's not in the list! Uh shopping! Prada, Mama's here! ;)
I tag and why :
1. Jamie Yeo for being a crazy psychic and best bud!
2. Scarlette for being my girlf since 5, or 6, or 7? I can't remember, Scarrr!
3. Kay Lin for being a matie! Ahoy, darling! ;)
4. Jenssen for being my driver/shopping-bag carrier......boyfriend! Hahahahah yes you are my everything!;)
5. Timothy for being my "tukau" driver all this while. I know what tukau means alright! Don't ask me to repeat the word tukau in front of you! I don't want pig-dogs like you to laugh at me! Tukau means pig-dog right? Chinese people are really funny. I'm half of them. :D
6. Olivia for being my wonderful girlfriend. :)
7. Tina for being crazy and kind.
8. Henry for being the noisiest bastard you can be! Don't shut up!
9. Kimmy for the help all the while. Love you, babe!
10. Jocelyn from Skins Haven; thanks for your help on the skins; I think I do know a little on applying them but I can't decide on which skin is better! Don't mind doing this tag babe! :D

What would you do if :
1 and 8 are dating : He'd be too young for her. :)

4 and 5 are getting married : Hahahahahah gay wedding! I'd love to see one! Wait a minute, 4?Fuck! I'll be the 3rd party for this wedding! No! Wedding canceled! ;)

7 and 10 are dating : They don't even know each other; I think. Must ask 10.

2 and 9 are getting engaged : Lesbos! I'd be the one encouraging them! No I'm kidding! Keith will kill me!

3 and 5 are dating : But they hate each other....Well, at least, for now. Probably going to be a good match. ;)

6 and 8 are life-partners : Omg Henry I'll crash your wedding! I want to be the life-partner for Olivia!

What if :
4 is your neighbour : Wooties! I'll stalk him daily!

10 is your housemate : I don't know 10 actually. She's helpful though.'ll be cool. :)

9 is your sister's boyfriend : Lesbo! That's just friggin' mad!

1 is on a date and you're there too : I will stalk her! I'm mad to see her boyfriend! Heard he's hot!

3 is your brother's girlfriend : My mate with my brother? That's weird to see! But it will be cool. :)

How do you know :
2 : My best bud! Since 5 ; 6 ; 7! Both of our parents are friends and we've been playing Power Rangers since we are 5 ; 6; 7! Both of us were bred in Kuala Lumpur until we were 9 then she leaves to Singapore and I, to the United States of Obama! I came back to Kuala Lumpur when I was 15 but she remains in Singapore. :( We're still keeping in touch though! ;)

1 : My friend from Penang! Introduced by another friend from Penang. Her name was Caryn. Caryn, hellos! I miss Penang!

4 : I stalked him all the way! No fuck! We were in the same international school. We will always be together, darling! Kisses!

5 : Oh the char koay teow seller! Hahahahahah no I knew him through Jenssen. :)

I'm finally done with this tag. Thanks Kyle for tagging me. Although I didn't link you....yet. Lols.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I want to go for a tanning session;
Any ideas of what salon?
Thanks! ;)

Updates in Tania World : Kay Lin is finally free from her upsets on what she bought online! She called me and we went for a girly shopping trip to Suria KLCC! *Oh, and we saw a hottie; Kay Kay like! ;)
Jenssen is coming back home! Hello, baby! I love you and I miss you so much! ;)
Olivia is here for a holiday! (A one-month holiday; if you Oli-lovers MUST know! ;) ) So more shopping for you and me, babe? :) She's here for a month 'cause she has nothing to do in her hometown is Indonesia.
Timothy is free from his exams! Yesssss I know how you feel Tim! :D Let's party! Bottoms up!
Kent Wong is back from Pahang! Hellos, Kent! You owe me a delicious meal! :P
Scarlette is here from Singapore! Miss my girlf! Knew her since we were, ..what?Five? :) Can't wait to see you! Hope you brought Keith along! ;)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hot And Cold

Kay Lin's pretty annoyed over the questions she recieved from you about her online shopping. Sorry Kay Lin! If you want to know more, just read this. Enough questions already! Put the blame on me.

Today isn't that boring. Darling Jenssen called me all the way from Singapore. I love you baby. ;)
Olivia, Tina, Timothy and Patricia came over and took me out! Thanks for answering the call of boredom! Finally the desperate housewife is out of the house!
We went to Sunway Pyramid. Such a long drive. But Timothy said, "With me around, we can go anywhere!" Yeah. Anywhere. Is USA possible?
We went to Malacca once. To eat chicken rice balls. Yes, VERY BIG THING indeed!
But it was a fun trip.

I shopped and shopped in Sunway! It was fun trying out different kinds of clothes! :) I saw this picture (picture above) in a website, and I think it's cool! Should I do something like this?
I want to dye my hair 'cause I think it's cool. Black is boring! :(

Please leave comments, peeps! I need suggestions here! ;)
Thank you, Jocelyn; the girlfriend of Skin Haven's website! Would like to apologise for the trouble made. I am going to try my new skin out with your help! :)
Grrrr, Jamie!

Love My Baby

Yes, many of you have been asking why did I call my baby Jenssen "Jedsen". No, it's not another boy. It's Jenssen. He was in his college, Sunway University College when one of his teachers read his name. Instead of calling him Jenssen, he called him Jedsen. Like, it's so different? >:/ Blind teacher.
So after that, his classmates start to call him "Jedsen" instead of Jenssen. And being the loving girlfriend I am, I called him Jedsen too. Just to make him mad.
Don't be mad, baby. I still love you. :)

I Need A Dye

I'm bored sick at home. KL is a wonderful place to shop; thankfully.
I think Kay Lin and Patricia's still busy with their stuff. Sorry Kay Lin for your online misfortune. Sorry Pat for the spamming of your blog.
If you don't know what's the matter, do ask me. :)
Now everybody has black hair. Me too! ;) But aren't you sick of black hair?
Jenssen said I looked hot with black hair. I want to dye it.
Any colors? Green? Red? Brown? Orange?
Mama's gonna bring me to the salon soon. I can't decide on what color to dye.
They say blonds have more fun. But I'm tanned; blond would look weird on me.
Hmmm.. purple's hot, isn't it? Kay Lin, or anyone, if you are reading this, please suggest a color for me! DON'T suggest pink/white/silver/grey/black, cause they're fugly. :)
I need to go to Sunway too! Cousin Edna's back! Miss you darling!
Will update soon!

I Need To Ask A Question..

Why do Malaysians use the word "lah" so often? Don't they get bored?
Like, I want to eat this lah! You so ugly lah! He so orange lah!
Can't you all get sick of lahs?
I moved to the USA before coming back to Malaysia and the kids here are all "lahs!"
I like Malaysian food though. Foodie me. :)
Kuala Lumpur is a great place to stay. 'Cause I live there.
Anyway thanks Jamie for introducing me to some skin websites!
I'll kiss you when I see you!

Monday, February 23, 2009

SHORTY Updates

Jenssen baby is in Singapore. Urgent. :(
Miss my baby.
Kay Lin's still very unhappy with her online shopping goods.
Cheer up, Kay! I'll bring you to reality shopping! :)
And Queen Tania is bored here.
Olivia's busy with her new doggie too. :(
Somebody suggest something! ;)
Ooh, and I want a new skin for my boring black blog! ;)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why Is She.. ?

Someboday getta meea stylishhh!
Taniaaaa is dying here. :(
Woo hoo :(
Yes, Jed baby. You girlfy/wife/hottest one is dying here.
Outta what you say? Boredom!
I want to be like Kay Lin. So free and fun. Can?
No, I am fun! Like hullos? ;)
I've got things to do; Olivia and Kay Lin wants me to go to Singapore with them on a road trip. :)
Me happy! Clap hands for me pleasseee? :)
I know you're jealous because I me, am such a cutie!
Cutie with a bootie.
That's me! ;)
Some mad woman came and commented on me.
"Stop being so vain. Just because you came from the West doesn't mean you have the rights to act like one here. "
Stop being so close minded you stinky poop!
Who are you? An arse?
It's up to mua if I want to act that way in public. This is a free country!
I don't give a fuck about you!





Get a life, lady!
Enough of that! Seriously fucking mad!
I may sound like I'm perfect but I am not.

Anyway Kay Lin and Timothy asked me to switch my skin. I need some skin helper pleaseee?
I love you!

The Pros and Cons Of Online Shopping

Kay Lin just ordered something from some shop. Ha! For me? No? :(
Kay was sad when she recieved it. Not the right color. Not the right amount of change back.
See?? Kay I was right!
I'm feeling so bored out today so I shall give opinions on my pros and cons of online shopping.
Xiaxue once wrote in her blog that online shopping sells cheap stuff, etc.
Yes, true. For me, a big Versace fan. :)
The photos on some shops aren't the same color as the real ones.
Some shops sell stuff much cheaper/more expensive than other shops. Cheaper is good; expensive isn't. I still prefer my MNGs and Topshops, not some online junk.
Many of the clothes sold are made of cheaper quality material; no quality.
I don't know, Kay, but I prefer to do my own reality shopping? You know? Lols.
You know I still love you Kay! :)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I Want To Be

..Like a superstar!
If you are kind enough, can you tell me which course is better?
SAM in Taylor's cause mom and pops want me to go to Australia. :)
The One Academy 'cause I love painting! ;)

Thank you for the suggestions! :)


Remember the blog where I told you about? The one bitching about girls? That blog is, jumping up and down; deleted. :)
See what I told you about this? Serves you right. The blog's name : Deep Dark Lies. It's filled with naughty details of KL girls. I saw another blog too. Kay Lin knows a girl from that blog. She's pretty. All fake facts about her in it. I think it's deleted too. About Penang girls. Behind Those Faces I think, or whatever. I've been through this when I was in the US. Some nasty bitch from my school posted up a website about me. Saying I'm too wannabe and all. >:(
So what, if I dress my way? I don't have to dress like a prostitute like you, Chantelle! Oh well. You can't see my blog ooh no cause you're in the US? Or 'cause you are in jail now for drunk driving? So sad. :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oooh La Love!

This is an advertisement. :)Love. Yourself. This. Valentine's.
Happy Valentine's day, people!
More hearts and roses!
And all the single ladies put your hands up!
Happy Valentine's Day to you too Jedsen baby ;)

Freedom Of Love

First, don't try to understand my title. :)

I'm pretty happy/proud/hot with myself nowadays.
My baby Jedsen did me proud. ;)
He brought me to this fancy restuarant near the Damansara area. ;D
Took lots of photos. I know you're lucky you have a goddess like me. Hahah! Ignore this part.
Before the romantic dinner, he brought me to a nearby shopping mall for a movie! We wanted to watch Bride Wars, since I haven't seen this yet. Time didn't match; and there's only two choices. :( Jed wanted to watch Valkyrie, or the Pink Panther. -.- I wanted to watch a romantic movie!
Jed says we should watch movies like Valkyrie or Eden Lake or something bah I don't understand Chinese 'cause he wants me to hug him whenever a horror scene shows up. Aww! But that still won't change me mind. I don't care if it's a Chinese or Malay or Tamil movie; I will still go for a romantic one! Slumdog Millionaire's a good choice; but.. I still want a movie base fully on love! So,..
This is what we chose. :)

Yes. This is what we chose. I am not kidding. Like duh! Stop laughing Kay Lin; I'll smack you if you do! I know I'm that desperate, but who cares. They have subtitles too thank you! ;)
It was ok; quite good. :) That girl in the film; what's her name, oh yeah Szu Chee, eh no Shu Qi! Yes, Shu Qi's quite good in acting, although the guy's too old for her. Sorry Tze Wei for that. I know you have the hots for Andy Low, but I don't care! ;P
So here I continue, after the dinner, Jed brought me to a walk in the garden near my house. What a romantic one! ;)
He gave me roses too! Thanks babyyyyyyyy!
Happy Valentine's day all you happy and not happy single and in a relationship people!