Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Want To Get Married!

Hot, gorgeous, tanned, sexy 20 year old woman looking for love. She's smart, 100% pretty, speaks fluent English, French and German. She has a huge ass to love and big boobs. She's hot. ;)
That's me! :)

Hahahahahahah any available ones for me? I don't want old men. Eww!
"Men look for great boobs. Women look for great hearts."
When I read this in a book, I was thinking, "What the fuck is this?" Are men so stupid these days? I used to think of this as a practical joke but after letting my boobs being touched by a man all over (a BOY actually) when I was 14, I cannot imagine life already! Yeah, surprise! I'm wild, I know. But after getting through a lot, I feel more mature now. (Sees Kay Lin and baby laughing their asses off)
I was at a club, drunk. This fucker by the name of Sam took me there. We were a couple at that time. He wanted sex. I wasn't ready yet. So when I was drunk, that fucker touched me all over. What the heck do you want bastard? I know I have boobs and you don't. So just stay away dude!

Embarressing story but I don't friggin care. I could have said many other swear words but I just could not hold back my anger and sadness at that time. When many are in love and in desperation in losing their virginity, I don't want to. I have my limits, just so you know. I want a man who can treat me sexy and also give me the right amount of respect he should. I'm happy I met Jenssen. ;)

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