Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What The Fork?!?!!

Remember Vanessa Hudgen's nude photos last year? I thought she learnt her lesson, but look at her now. :) More photos appeared on the internet. I've been with Jenssen for some years and I've never took a nude photo (NOT EVEN ONCE) for Jenssen to see. I've shown him though. (Enough details) Anyway, one advice for you babes. Never, ever, take a nude photo for your boyfriend. You will end up a porn star.
Her photos look....well, she look so much better with clothes on. No offense Van, if you wanna show Zac, please do it in private. You know you are famous, pictures can be leaked and your handphone can be stolen.
Here are some of the nude photos leaked. You pervs, I don't get it. Let me ask you. Looking at breasts makes you high. Haven't you seen enough then? You should get your own breasts.
(NOTE TO PERVS: I had an experience with a perv, so that's the reason why I HATE THEM.)
She was once the High School Musical Darling. Oh, isn't she still one now? ;)
OOoooohs. I am getting high..NOT.
The perfect role model for children.
Tip: Be naked in front of the mirror with your finger seductively placed in your lips....wear nothing but a pair of underwear.
Kids and teens and people around, do this only when you are with your husband, not the camera.
A tip to you Van, wear more clothes. I'm sure you can afford them. You will look so much better. We've seen enough.


  1. Anonymous ; Yeah! Explicit! I wanted to post the actual photos, but...;)