Thursday, August 6, 2009

Aloha It's Been SO Freakin' Long!

If you're wondering how was Tania Ray, let's say she's doing GOOD. REALLY GOOD. :)
Am I back to full time bitching in my blog? Not really. Boyfie don't like. ;(
Updates about me :
- I have grown fatter, by 10 kg. Yes! From 39kg to 49kg! Great, or what?! I know many of you might be like, "What the freak is she? People loosing weight, she's happily gaining weight." I want to look good. So by doing so, I need to gain weight. Some people say I'm freaking thin.
- I have changed my tel. number to 017-61ttttt. t-tania. t-you have to ask me what are the freaking 5 digits dearrr.
- I love halters. Yeah. Usual me.
- I am addicted to "Love, Sex and Magic" by Ciara and Justin Timberlake.
- I have hair extensions! LOVE HAIR EXTENSIONS! Can someone agree with me just how great they are? Omg yes they are no they are yes they are!
- I freaking love nail art! Had manicures like usual with darling Cherilynn and loving my painted art nails!
- I still don't like someone. Oooooo bitchy.
- My name is Tania Ray Ong; by birth, Tania Yeoh, when I marry my baby. Jenssen is still my boyfriend.
- I freaking love miniskirts! Bright pink is the new colour!
Ok I'm done. Bye bye loves!


  1. "I still don't like someone. Oooooo bitchy HAHAHA!"

  2. You have been gone forever! :D