Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hot And Cold

Kay Lin's pretty annoyed over the questions she recieved from you about her online shopping. Sorry Kay Lin! If you want to know more, just read this. Enough questions already! Put the blame on me.

Today isn't that boring. Darling Jenssen called me all the way from Singapore. I love you baby. ;)
Olivia, Tina, Timothy and Patricia came over and took me out! Thanks for answering the call of boredom! Finally the desperate housewife is out of the house!
We went to Sunway Pyramid. Such a long drive. But Timothy said, "With me around, we can go anywhere!" Yeah. Anywhere. Is USA possible?
We went to Malacca once. To eat chicken rice balls. Yes, VERY BIG THING indeed!
But it was a fun trip.

I shopped and shopped in Sunway! It was fun trying out different kinds of clothes! :) I saw this picture (picture above) in a website, and I think it's cool! Should I do something like this?
I want to dye my hair 'cause I think it's cool. Black is boring! :(

Please leave comments, peeps! I need suggestions here! ;)
Thank you, Jocelyn; the girlfriend of Skin Haven's website! Would like to apologise for the trouble made. I am going to try my new skin out with your help! :)
Grrrr, Jamie!

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