Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Need A Dye

I'm bored sick at home. KL is a wonderful place to shop; thankfully.
I think Kay Lin and Patricia's still busy with their stuff. Sorry Kay Lin for your online misfortune. Sorry Pat for the spamming of your blog.
If you don't know what's the matter, do ask me. :)
Now everybody has black hair. Me too! ;) But aren't you sick of black hair?
Jenssen said I looked hot with black hair. I want to dye it.
Any colors? Green? Red? Brown? Orange?
Mama's gonna bring me to the salon soon. I can't decide on what color to dye.
They say blonds have more fun. But I'm tanned; blond would look weird on me.
Hmmm.. purple's hot, isn't it? Kay Lin, or anyone, if you are reading this, please suggest a color for me! DON'T suggest pink/white/silver/grey/black, cause they're fugly. :)
I need to go to Sunway too! Cousin Edna's back! Miss you darling!
Will update soon!

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