Saturday, June 6, 2009


Because of this Lina thing, people are messaging me, emailing me all sorts of things! Some of you show concern for me. Thanks, I appreciate it. :) But....some are like :
"Tania, you should be considerate a little.Lina is just another girl struggling to find out what life is..." Struggling to find out what life is? What are you talking about?

"You are too much. Lina's privacy also you wanna tell out. What kind of bitch are you...."
You didn't read properly. Her email. Bitch. Me?

"Tan, I think Lina is wrong, but you should not do this to her. She has a life babe! Just chill and forget this barbaric nonsense!"
I can't chill. For someone to insult me is really bad. Thanks for the advice though.

Lina called and messaged me non stop today. I was asleep, untill 4 pm, when I woke up I saw 50 misscalls from Lina Yeoh's number. What is it you want? I just ignored her. I saw 34 messages from her too. Lina, I know you are rich. Stop spamming my inbox with messages! Wtf.
One of the messages are like, "Tania, babe, please. You are a good friend of mine, PLEASE delete the posts. Your blog may not be popular, but still there are a number of people reading it." Wtf.
If you hadn't start bitching about me, I wouldn't have started this too!

Lina just called. Few seconds ago. I rejected her call. She called again. I rejected. For ten times she called, I rejected it all. She called my aunt's house phone. Since I'm staying there. I was forced to answer. I told my aunt to ask who that was, but Lina was smart enough to say "Her friend." Next time if any of you call my aunt's house, PLEASE SAY YOUR NAME OR ELSE I'LL THINK YOUR LINA! I answered. She went crying and begging me. She cried. I actually pitied her for the moment. But after that. She start threatening me. Wtf.

UPDATE : Lina, I will not delete your posts. Become more famous is a good thing, no? ;)
And wtf stop judging me.

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