Monday, June 8, 2009

I Forgot MY CBOX!

Damn! I forgot my CBox email and username. I want to check the IP ADDRESS OF SPAMMERS! Ban you all! :( And YOU FRIGGIN PEOPLE, STOP ACTING AS LINA IN THE CHATBOX BECAUSE I KNOW IT'S NOT HER AT ALL!
Jenssen's proud. I finally became a more humane person. Lols! Not.
But really, stop acting as Lina. Writing in the chatbox as Lina is not a really cool thing. Makes me mad-er. I actually pitied her now. She has enough attention from people already. Thanks to me. ;)
I will remind you friggers,
Don't post as Lina. I rather you post as "I Hate Tania" than Lina because it's between us both and you people have NO rights to act as her just to make me mad and make me bitch about her more! She deserves hatred from you, but not you pretending to be Lina! I want to ban your IP address once I know who you are! :(
I had the worst cause one 'Lina' came to my chatbox and said something mean.
I really thought it was 'Lina' so I passed notes to friends saying how mad Lina is,
Lina's best friend was curious so she asked Lina. Lina immediately came to me after college and said it wasn't her. I didn't believe her so I asked her to prove it.
She called me later that night and told me her IP address. She also told me the location of where she is that day the message is posted. I begin to think she's a bit insane. ;)
So to check out if it's really Lina or not, I have to log in my chatbox and see. But I forgot the password. Somehow, I feel that for once; Lina Yeoh is telling the truth. She really looked like she's regretting what she did. But I can't be too sure, can I? :)

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