Tuesday, March 31, 2009


..Of whoever is near you now.
Because today's April Fools Day!
Thanks brother, for being the first to trick me. Oh I'm so proud. Stella and I are the first people on Earth to be tricked by our older brother, Bryan. I'm so proud, Bry, that you came back from Singapore just to trick us! :)
Everyone has an April Fools story. I have a lot of them. One worst April Fools joke was from my ex. He called 12AM in the morning to tell me, "Baby, we're breaking up."
I cried my eyes out ; didn't eat the whole day. He never told me why we broke up. The next day, I recieve another call from him. "Hi baby. How's your day?" I was shocked. Didn't we broke up?
"Owh, yes baby. Yesterday was April Fools Day!" Omg! I wanna kill the hell outta ya! This is the worst. Joke. Ever. He caused me not to eat or sleep properly the whole day.
Jenssen baby, you better not do this! I have other naughty plans tonight! :)

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