Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Best Thing In The World Is..

Pregnancy Protections! You know ; birth preventions! :)
No I'm crazy it's not. The best thing in the world at the moment now is ME! Yes, Tania! :)
No no it's something else! Look at the picture!Thank you internet! :)
No not the best thing yet. ;)
I'm going to get an LV bag! Something like the one in the picture! Baby promised to get it for me for being a good girl; not cursing and swearing anymore. :)
I hate big bags, I think they are horrible. Hard to carry. Hurts your shoulders in fact. I like classy small bags, but who cares this time because baby is going to get this bag for me! I don't have to pay at all! Love you baby! ;)
Save me thousands to get one! I love you baby! I love you I love you!
Omg I am so crazy I am screaming like an irritating kid now! I hate kids, but who cares? I will hug one when I get this bag! This is how happy I am now! Happy me!
Even if a kid screams and laughs at me now I will kiss that kid!
I love you Jenssen baby! Baby I love you!
Muacks muacks!
Ooooooh can't wait for next week! I'm going to get my bag! Jenssen's sister bought it for him for me from Hong Kong! 'Cause I couldn't find it here. :( Jenssen baby got it for me! I love you!

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