Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Yours

Had a wonderful time in Singapore, I know.
Jenssen and I bought little sweets for our friends and loved ones. ;) It's great going to a holiday with him. We had our little fights; but everything's alright.
Before I continue irritating you readers with my rubbish,
Earth Hour is next week!;)
Kay Lin and I are going to have our first Earth Hour! Wootiess! Join us, babes? ;)
Dudes you can too. :)
I can't believe I am doing this. It's the Earth, but a person like me, someone who hates the environment so much, she uses air-cond and water everyday like it's free, is doing something to save the earth. Not bad. Jenssen, baby be proud! ;)

Sex Objects
I would not want a boy who's dirty and excited all the time. Girls should know what I mean. Boys who think of girls as sex objects. Here's the story ;
My friend Cheng Mei* (names changed for privacy) has a boyfriend who's name is Kelvenn (REAL name; I hate you bastard). Cheng Mei has been loyal to Kelvenn all her life.
One day, Kelvenn asked Cheng Mei to have sex with him; something she does not like. That bastard went ,"If you love me, you will do it with me." So, Cheng Mei agreed. Poor girl. She was so scared she might just lose him she did it with him.
They may be like any couple who has done sex before, but Kelvenn's wanting for sex grew more each day. He started abusing Cheng Mei, asking her to do it with him everyday. Hey. Friggin bastard! Who the heck do you think you are doing this to Cheng Mei?!!!!!
Cheng Mei, knowing how painful it is giving off her virginity to the one she hopes she will marry some day; disagrees. Sex may seem fun and harmless when you're a virgin, but after having it, it's rather different. You will feel insecure. You will be scared every day; hoping he will love you more. Or she.
Here's what the friggin bastard did; he asked Cheng Mei's best friend to have sex with him. Like, wtf? Cheating on your girlfriend now?! I will cut your penis if I have a knife now! It was lucky Cheng Mei's best friend disagreed and told Cheng Mei about it. Cheng Mei was mad, of course, but she did not have the heart to do anything. She told me the story and I could not shut up any further. This is what I did; call Kelvenn.

Our conversation :
Kelvenn : Hello?
Tania : Hi, Kelvenn! Or can I say, sex desperado?
Kelvenn : Who are you?
Tania : Just a prostitute looking for love.
Kelvenn : Oh. How did you get my number?
Tania : I was desperate for boys. But I decided to marry the one I'm going to have sex with. Can you be the one?
Kelvenn : I...I..You..I'm sorry. I can't. I want sex though.
Tania : Oh too bad. Did I tell you I saw you naked too one day?
Kelvenn : Wtf? Where?
Tania : In your bathroom? I spied. You have an ugly butt.
Kelvenn : F.. you!
Tania : I saw your penis. It's going to die soon, I see.
Kelvenn : Die soon?
Tania : Yeah? I observe boys. I can tell.
Kelvenn : Why? No sex?
Tania : No, this kind of penis is normal if you have sex with many girls at once. Your penis is going to die once you cheat on your girlfriend. It does happen to many boys. Do you have a girlfriend?
Kelvenn : I...I....I do. How you know this?
Tania : I am a prostitute; how do I not know? Many boys are stupid. They come just to have fun. But they never realise how ugly their penises would be when they cheat. Or, say, have sex with more than 5 girls? Your organs have feelings too.
Kelvenn : Shuts the phone.
Hahas! Best ever! Your penis is going to die once you cheat on your girlfriend. :)
If you boys wonder if this is true or not, I don't really know. But I have heard of this before. No not grandma's story. Girls, and boys, if you want to help spread the message about staying loyal to one partner and IF you have experienced this before, (even if you have not, you can still help :) ) please post part of this post in your blog. Or message. Spread the message. Women are not sex toys.
Women have their rights too, so be a gentleman and do the right thing.
If you are wondering what happen to Cheng Mei and Kelvenn, they are still together; because she has given her virginity to him. Kelvenn still does not know who the "pros" was. Lols. I hope Kelvenn has learnt a good lesson in this. If not, I hope your penis dies.
Attn : Cheng Mei is not the real name of the person. I do not like it if you ask me who she is. Thank you.
Boys, respect and love your girlfriends. Love them forever. ;)
Girls, you too!
I know lah International Women's Day is over. But this does not mean you must stop protecting Women's RIGHTS. :)

Happy Birthday, Polyn!
You're 20 now!
Sorry for the messy cake face you got last year. I'll promise you make you look prettier with cake this time. :)
Oh. Kang Jun Likes You!
It's funny. But this is what you read this blog for. Not the sex story. But the Kang Jun story. He likes you, babe. You should go for it. ;)
This crazy lame proposal is made for Kang Jun for Polyn Teo. Say Yesss! You want to. ;P
Isn't this romantic? :)
" Polyn is pretty, crazy, nice, smart, and the kindest girl I know. She can be crazy but she makes you respect her as well. I'll do anything if I were her boyfriend. I love you, Lyn. You may say you are ugly to me all the time, but I don't care. Because to me, the people who call you ugly are blind and you are forever pretty to me. "
This is what a boy should do. ;)
Say yessss Polyn! I am waiting for your call.... :)

Ah. Stops here. Me issss waiting for good newss! Shit. I should stop mixing with Bernice if I don't want to go,
"Me misssss me baby. I is happy. "
Ya. I is going to stop now. Thanks, Ber.

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