Thursday, March 19, 2009

Don't Try

Eat me and I will eat you back.
Don't insult me and then follow me bitch. Because people will know I am the one making the real deal. :)
Some "smart ass", Han June* just insulted me. My hair, clothes, everything. Said I'm a show off. So what? Then she starts dressing like me. She listens to her boyfriend like a servant. She follows all her friends. Dare she insult me? You may be from SSJ5 but I don't care. How great can you be Han June? Tell me. I know you're one of the makers of that website "Deep Dark Lies".
Thank you for that post about me : link : which was deleted because people love me. Not you. :)
I don't understand you Gossip Girls fans! What's so nice about that show? Since that show was on air, every girl I know wants to be a GGD (Gossip Girls Desperate). I've watched the show and what's so interesting?
I gossip a lot; but I hate Gossip Girls.
If you are a GGD, stop using XOXO to me! It's f-king irritating! :(
(I've cut down swearing because Jenssen does not want me to. Thank you baby) :)

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