Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Family

Jenssen and Tania are boring people.
When they are alone at home, they play their favorite games. Happy Family's one of them.
Unlike the real "Happy Family", Jenssen and me played with dolls. Yes, dolls. Perfectly still dolls.
As I was playing with my baby boy, my phone rang. Kay Lin. She needs to talk. Over someone. Someone we might and might not like. A wonnabe. :)
So we were talking. When Jenssen choked our baby with too much milk. Don't worry. Fake baby. Too much milk. Wonder what kind of doll takes in too much milk? This one. My little sister got it from America. Oh she's so fuggin kill me!
Ok, back to wonnabe. It seem she's so desperate she's trying out fag. Here's something wonnabes would do :
- Sex (X)
- Fags (X)
- Drugs (X)
- Little clothes (They shop in baby shops) (X)
- Too much make up (X)
-Follows their friends (X)
How original.
"Men are desperate for sex. Women would give sex because they are desperate for love, thinking sex is the only way to get a man's love." -Kimberly.
Yes, babes. So get a man who loves you for who you are. Not for sex.
Thanks Kay Lin for the advice.

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