Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Someone is really getting me on my nerves. You don't have to pretend to be my friend to know me better. You can just come up to me and go "I want to be your friend; but I hate you." Isn't that better?Calling me a man-eater, childish, a lesbian (just because I kissed a few girlfriends in photos does not make me one), a friggin' bitch,selfish, spoiled,....aren't you any of that?
You don't have to smile at me so sweetly, complimenting me saying I'm hot, pretty while behind me bitch the hell out of me. I have a number of compliments already so get the hell out of my life. ;)
This person, I'm sure, is the one who has left many comments bitching about me here.
Does not mean we're in the same school,does not mean you know me well. :)


  1. Someone.I will give you a guess.;) It's someone WE know.