Friday, May 1, 2009

Tania Is Going To College!

I am 19 and I'm rotting. Damn you Jennifer for introducing me games like WoW and Maple. Damn you Jenssen baby for supporting Jennifer. Both Jenns. One my boyfriend. One best friend.
And damn you Kay Lin for doing your second year already in college while your dahling best friend here is feeding on computer games and viruses.
Jenssen baby said I'm becoming a boy. Oh I'm a boy! :)
Jenssen must be gay. Oh. No. How. Could. You. Jen. :(
I used to hate WoW but it's kind of nice? Strategy much? :)))))
I hate DOTA.


Demi and I were filling in college applicants. When this boy passes by. Oh . My.Hot.
We were in Coffee Bean, if you want to know. Krispy Kreme's here. Oh yes. :)
Times Square, I'm coming for you!
I'll be busy as I battle in WoW and Maple (Lols) and battle to enter colleges. In the USA.

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