Monday, May 25, 2009

Missing My Baby

Living in PJ for the moment. Thanks to the university college I'm going to. Living in my aunt's house. As baby is staying in KL, he has to wake up really early in the morning in the weekends to come see me. :) Miss you baby!
Went to Sunway Pyramid to shop after classes. Harriet, YuLin and I had fun browsing through shops. Didn't buy much though. :(
Spent most of my free time not studying, but dating. My baby came all the way to be with me. He has term break. Missed him. ;(

Aunty Amelie bought me a cute halter neck top! Jersey material, woootiies! Stretchable materials are for me! :D Best of it all, it is BLACK! I love black. It makes a girl hot! :)
I hate college days. It makes any girl, or boy, busy. Too much things to do. So little time.
Daddy and mummy came all the way from KL with sis and bro. And Jenssen. Jenssen's mum and dad couldn't make it as they have things to do. :( Miss you, Uncle Henry and Aunty Elisabeth!
More updates on Zac and Vanessa soon! I can't believe I'm into this! My groom to be is running away from my arms to Vanessa! Someone get me a horse so I can run after him as well! :) Omg. Jenssen don't kill me. Love you baby.

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