Thursday, December 4, 2008

WANTED : Help To Destroy Someone

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Tania here. Years ago, I was THE perfect girl in school. Everything was perfect. Everybody love me. (Yes, they still do!;) ) (HAHAHA I know I'm too much) I was really in good condition (I'm like a luxury) until this biatch came and ruined my life. She ruined my life! Thankfully Jenssen's all mine! Anyway back to the scene. Tania was perfect until *N came to her life. N was pretty; but Tania was prettier! (HA HA but I'm serious) N started mixing with Tania. Tania trusted N all her life; til she found out what N did...

N betrayed her. I expect symphaty from people here! Come' on, tissues please?!

N got interested in some boy, who was interested in Tania. Because of this, that's when betrayal start.

N took some of Tania's friends away, except some really loving and loyal ones, and made Tania an embarrassment in public. How mean is that?! I know..I know..mean can? That's what she did to me!
She tried flirting with Jenssen to hurt Tania but Jenssen was a darling and he didn't bother her. (Ha!Got you woman!)
Tania is seeking help. To destroy that insect!:)
Call Tania through her chatbox available. She would be so grateful for your kind and caring service.

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