Thursday, December 11, 2008

The B*atch Post

Late updates. Many things to do. Many meeting up-bitching about to do. :)
It's been a while. Felt so tired over many things.
Was with Jenssen the whole day today. My baby and me. ;D
Jenssen had to fetch me to KLCC. Oww..sweet boy o' mine. My poor baby had to wait for me; as I try on many clothes; and shop about. He even let me try on clothes on him. :) :)
We took photos. Will be posted in my Friendster soon.
Sorry KayLin about Facebook. I just am not interested in Facebook at the moment. It's just..the internet has too many profiles and I find it sickening as I already have a boyfriend and friends in real life. I don't need internet friends. ;)
Met up with Sammie and her boyfriend Liowe. She looked so hot today! Woots Sammie!
Liowe, if you see this, don't be mad; be proud. Stand up tall; wear a shirt that says

Ooh, Jenssen, wear one too! ;)
I'm hot too, can? Stop staring at me and complaining. I know I'm hot. :)

Saw her again in KLCC. She's such a wannabe. Dressed so short; so sexily. With a so-called hot boyfriend in her arms, she has nothing to lose. With tubes and mini mini skirts, it's just disgusting; because your dressing tells who you are. Bitching about people you pretend to be close to behind their backs are also another thing. If you continue staying so fake; trying to blend in the crowd when you're so fake, just don't. For nobody will gain your trust one day. I shall be proudly spreading it all. Don't forget I'm here. :)

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