Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some Crazy Woman

Cherilynn Nga, a friend of mine. (Yeah, if you think Nga is a weird surname, think again. I thought the same way and got shot. In the head.)
She is currently residing in Shanghai, googling Chinamen and going about cursing in Chinese.
Sorry Derrek, I'm just kidding on the Chinamen thing. No I'm not. You ARE a Chinaman. Har Har. Kidding.
Well, IF you think I'm boring, you should have met this guy called "Jenssen Yeoh". He has no life and complains like a woman when you ask him to create a Facebook account. Apparently, he got blocked from Facebook. -.-
Ok, back to my title. (shines above)
(uses gay slang)
Few weeks ago, someone I know called Lina, called and asked me to attend her party. Since I am not seeing her (or fighting with her, as usual), I agreed. :)
So, on the day of the party, I attended. Lina, her usual fucking ugly self, came to greet me.
I was about to say hi when I noticed...
We were wearing the same DRESS!
Wtf. How could a RM460 dress be worn by two different ladies on the same night! Nevermind the color. She was wearing red and me, black, of coz.
No wonder her friends Katie and Dina laughed when they saw me. Wtf.
Lina saw me wearing the same dress as me and go, "Love your dress." Duh! Aren't you wearing the same one as well?

Lina went to a friend, Simone and told her this
"Fuck that Tania. She copied me. Now we are in the same dress lor"
Since when was I planning to copy you!
Luckily, Simone does not like you and told me.
Omg do you know....half of the people in your party hates you!
Sad sad crazy woman are not you!;)

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