Friday, November 14, 2008

And Tania Loves To Shop!:)

"Tania Tania Tania..," those are Ong Kay Lin's famous words.
Had been a long time since I hung out with my favorite sista! Oh, two weird people came too.
So it's four girls and many shopping bags. In Suria KLCC and then to One Utama. (Thanks to you people, I had to drive! It was worth it. )
Tania, Kay Lin, Patricia and Janelle (Jha-nelle) .
Pictures later. Took very few pictures 'cause camera wasn't on full effect mode today. :(
Went to Guess, bought nothing. :(
MELL's clothing's wonderful! Love them!
We had lunch at McDonald's. What-A-Place for today. 'Cause one of our little darlings didn't want to spend her monayy on clothes.
"Money should be spent on clothes. Food isn't as important as clothes in our lives." -SMART Patricia says. Yeah, clever Pat!
We so love MAC's Cherry collection! The lipstick especially. Admit it. Tania has grown out of lipgloss loves to lipstick loves. 'Cause lipsticks are sexy.
We were walking around KLCC when pretty Janelle suggested one of us to dance while walking. How much attention do you want, babe?;p
So, with (out) thinking, crazy Kay Lin danced while walking! Omg!Crazy lady of mine! She actually did it in front of people WTF-ing away..
Damn it Kay, if you do that again with me alone I am so gonna kill you!>:(
It was funny though, and people actually clapped hands. Kay Lin's pretty and funny. Had been friends since junior school, in SKL.
It was fun today. Love you grrls!:P

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