Saturday, November 15, 2008


Yes, I am happy. Happily-worried.
I have finals next week and all I can think about is, "What if I do badly?"
The thought of finals is like, "You gotta score big; if not you die."
Oh my my.. what if I did badly? :(
Ok, happy news now. Camille is in a relationship! WOOHOO!!
Finally moving on from that indescent jerk, my good friend Camille has someone else already! And yes, he's handsome too! (Sorry Jenssen, have to admit.);)
Good luck Camille, on your new relationship!
Kay Lin and I were too busy shopping the other day at 1 Utama (we realise we should travel more to Cheras and other's fun since we have a car!:) ) , we forgot to buy a lovely dress we saw in Topshop! Dang!:((
And WE as in Kay Lin's planning to get the black one and I am planning to get the hot red one. Jenssen told me I look hot in red!:)
Oh well, here's the stop. Bye happy people!

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