Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tania Hates Copy Cats!:(

Bad you!:(
The thought of you copying my every move and dressing makes me oh-so-sick.
Can you stop being such a bitch?

Ok, here's the story. The other day, Kay Lin and I were doing our regular we-can't-live-without thing; going to the gym. As we reached Celebrity Fitness, this ugly betty came and, to my and Kay Kay's horror, she took a gym bag similar to our's and registered in CF as well!>:(
I know I sounded so like a bitch, but I can't help it. That girl has been following our every move, since we're 15. I know you are jealous, but is it a must to follow us? We are not that pretty actually. :(
It's actually ok to follow us, but I don't like it if you bitch behind our backs, pretend to be so nice to us, and then, worship us like we are queens of the earth!:(
Jac told me you bitched about me a lot; telling her how horrible I look, like a call girl when I dress and how annoying I am when I'm with Jenssen. So what bitch? A problem with that?
If you want to be real nice, just be it. Don't be so fake. That's ugly.
And oh, I love to look like a call girl. Mind you. :)

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