Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oh so GREEN eyes..

I love looking at myself so much, I'm starting to love my green sexy eyes.. so pretty. Ok, if you hate seeing me vaining so much for myself, then please do two things; choose one :
- get out of this blog. Don't know how? Click X.
- deal with it and start to love me! :)
Omg I sounded so naughty. But really, I like my green eyes. Thank you for making my eyes green! Jealous?
So really, you might be thinking, "Tania, you're a mixed. Half Chinese, half Eurasian. I thought usually mixed bloods have brown/blue eyes?" Hmm.
Let me tell you how I got my green eyes. I was born with it. Getting more and more jealous now? Good.
Because I was born with brown eyes you idiot! Brown brown! Oh that's green.. BROWN!
So thanks to the invention of colored contacts, I have pretty pretty brown eyes.. :)
I know, it's unfair can? I have tanned skin (Ok, not natural tan. I suntan/ fake tan them. Thanks to my Aunty Ames, who's from America. She buys this wonderful Fake Bake thing every year she comes back and gives like two to me per year! I love you A.A!:) )
Right back to my vaining eyes. So pretty can? I have to thank Freshkon for making them! Loving their colored contacts now! Thanks to Kays too. Without you babe, I can't get prettier! Oh well, pretty or not now, Jenssen's still mine!;)
If you wanna quit thinking, "Why is Tania so so so so so so hot and pretty?" Let me give you a solution. Go get colored contacts yourself! Then try to make me jealous right? But then as always, I STILL WIN YOU!:)
So quickly go to your nearest optics and get it! But do kiss the floor and thank Tania many many many times.
Because without my good good advice, you won't feel/look as pretty. ;)

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