Monday, November 17, 2008

Why Am I So Pretty?

I love myself so much, I think you'll hate me for it! :)
Even so, my Jenssen does get sick of it at times. Smart Tania just studied for her Law paper tomorrow. She's gonna do well in it!
Yes I know Jenssen, you don't believe your Tania could do well, no?
Well, believe her now!
To someone who purposely tripped me during the day of the exam, thank you so much for it! Good luck for more! I'll be glad to trip more cause of you, darling!

Love it or hate it, girl, you cannot run away from reality. Once you know it, I'm still still prettier than you!;)

Oh, I'm sorry? I didn't hear you say? What is that again? You're sorry and you love me as a friend? That you're so so so so so so lucky to have me as your friend? Well, thank you lady. I like you too, but thank you so much for what you did in the past that I can still clearly remember and I can still clearly know how true and fake you were. Thank you so much for pretending. I saw your true colors.

I tried photo editing with Olli Olli's computer. Olli lives nearby, so I can just drop by to try. Thanks darling!

Here's naughty me with my Jack Daniel's bottle. (Actually, it's Jenssen's. I stole it from him to show-off how naughty a bitch I can be. And Jenssen darling, it's for ad purposes! Your girlfriend could possibly be the next top model! AND AND, Mr. Jack Daniels can just pay me so much money for being hot, we can just take a ride somewhere for our honey moon, with our two cats..and..Oh, Tania! Stop dreaming!)

Jenssen, see how pretty your Tania is!;)

See? I'm so hot, even the billboards want me!:)

I look so smokin' hot in black and white, no? ;)

I love myself so much! You can't blame me for being too pretty!

For ad purposes only. Jack Daniels, you'd better love me!:) Don't care what Jenssen thinks. You must hire me. Cause my darlin says your so so so so rich, you'd hire a hot chick to just advertise for you.

To think about it properly now, is Mr. Jack alive?

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